REAL FOOD Ice Cream Sandwiches

Real Food ICE CREAM SANDWICH BARS- {grain-free, sugar-free}

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I didn’t grow up eating these. But as the weather turned HOT this year I found myself thinking of them… I’m super happy with this recipe. I love the dough, the cookie sandwich dough. It’s got that classic cocoa flavor (pretty dark chocolate) and is really fun to work with. You shape it with your fingers and it’s basically non-stick— easy …


COCOA BUTTER Pound Cake {dairy-free!, Paleo, GAPS, flourless}

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The main reason to make Cocoa Butter Pound Cake is that it’s delicious! Like, it’s hard to stop eating it. It’s also dairy-free, yet tastes better than butter (hardly possible, I know). It’s awesome for those of us on Paleo, GAPS or even nut-free diets, but can also be made with a beautiful streusel topping. It’s flourless and grain-free. Lastly, …

crock pot cinnamon roll coffeecake

Grain-free Crock Pot CINNAMON ROLL COFFEECAKE~ Served with Cream Cheese Frosting

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This warm-from-the-crock-pot breakfast dish is high in protein and good fat as well as being classic coffeecake— a grain-free version.  Serve with cream cheese frosting or pour cream or raw milk over it. Like bread pudding porridge. It can be made the same day you intend to eat it, taking 2 hours on Low heat to cook slowly. Or placing …

Blueberry Mint and Creamy Vanilla Jello

BLUEBERRY MINT AND CREAMY VANILLA: How to Make Nutrient-Dense Gelatin “Jello”

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Sweet gelatin concoctions are a definite favorite around our house. They’re super versatile~ can be made with anything you have on hand, even herbal tea! and they’re super healthy to boot. This post contains affiliate links. A couple of recent favorites have used locally sourced frozen blueberries and cultured probiotic-rich sour cream (or coconut milk, for the dairy-free version). With …

Lavender Creme Fraiche Ice Cream with honey

Lavender-Creme Fraiche Ice Cream with Honey (with a dairy-free alternative)

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A friend of ours just got back from Italy, where he said he continued to crave Vanilla Jill’s (the name of our ice cream shop) dark chocolate frozen yogurt, while eating gelato. The tang in our shop’s frozen treats comes from the kefir or cultured cream we use as their base. The tangier the dairy, the more probiotics. We buy …

Carob Brownie Bites

Carob BROWNIE BITES- AIP, egg-free, resistant starch

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I got great reactions, ones that exceeded my expectations, when I served these cookies. My husband kind of swooned, really catching me off guard. “These bring me back. I wish you could have known Grandma Pat,” he said. She was the grandma who cooked with carob instead of chocolate, and juiced for the grand kids. “You would have loved her.” …

healthy snacks to buy

Paleo/GAPS SNACK FOODS~ Looking for Convenience Items to BUY that have Great Ingredients?

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It’s true that I’m hardcore when it comes to diet and healthful choices. But I’m not without my memory. I know that eating really well is a process. Buying no packaged foods is not a reality for most people. I’d like to provide links to a few easy-to-digest, mostly healthy treats for those of you in this boat. Regarding these …

Fermented Cheesecake

Dairy-free FERMENTED CHEESECAKE (egg-free, Paleo, GAPS-friendly)

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Skeptics abound in every group. Perhaps someone will say cheesecake isn’t cheesecake without cheese? I prefer to think of cheese as a flavor and technique of food preparation that most people love and a cultured, creamy whole food that has health benefits. Under this definition Dairy-free Fermented Cheesecake has an enthusiastic place in the healthy home’s dessert arsenal! Although this …

Rose Petal-Beet Smoothie

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For those who can’t have fruit or those who want more veggies in a glass, here’s a slushy creamy smoothie that’s a health food treat. Having recently written about the dangers of most green smoothies, one additional point to make is why are greens the only vegetables that gain admittance into smoothies? You have perhaps already found my fruit-free carrot …