Photo of Megan Stevens holding bulletproof decaf coffee, from Eat Beautiful, at her Paleo, gut-healing cafeA Different Kind of Baking

Our family spent over five years on the healing GAPS diet. During this time we developed baking techniques unlike any we found on the web. We do not use store-bought almond flour or almond butter; (see my article on almonds to learn why). The goal for us is not just Paleo grain-free baking, but whole foods that help to heal or maintain optimum health. So proper assimilation of nutrients is important to me when I create recipes and handle ingredients.

I have also become an advocate for cassava flour since that time, (I wrote about cassava, its history, nutrition and nuances for the Weston A. Price Foundation [find that article here]), for those who can tolerate a bit of starch, as the complex carbohydrates and resistant starch it contains are part of what allowed our family to move on from the GAPS Diet to a Traditional/Paleo/GAPS/AIP/Keto/Whole30 combo diet LOL! Yes, we have many food intolerances within our home; so I create recipes for all these diets (for you and for my own family)! Cassava flour also helped me to put my Hashimoto’s into remission. Nonetheless, we have also seen the benefits of eliminating starches short-term for killing off pathogen overgrowth and healing leaky gut, something with which I have a lot of personal (not professional) experience.

I have written extensively on resistant starch and prebiotics for these same reasons: fostering a healthy gut microbiome, healing autoimmune diseases, educating about immune regulation and T cells and emphasizing the necessity of resistant starch physiologically. Find my article on prebiotics published in Eugene Magazine here. Read my additional published pieces on prebiotics here and here. (Type “resistant starch” into the search engine on this site to find many recipes.)


For many years we have felt the truth that was taught by Weston A. Price. My nutritional insights are based on these and naturopathic principles. I have also gained insights from research and relationships with a few select doctors, including Paleo functional medical doctors.

We learned about pathogen killing herbs, how to rotate them, and, after many teeny compromises, we finally learned how to be satisfied with a diet that is very different than the sugar-infused one that used to leave us craving for more!

Bone broth soups and stews comprise an important part of our diet, even now, in the home stretch of our healing.


In addition to being a mama, and devoted to our family’s healing, I also teach GAPS, Paleo, and Traditional food cooking classes in Eugene, OR. I am also a Recipe Consultant, meeting with individuals each week, referred to me by gastroenterologists, naturopaths, energy practitioners and medical doctors. I am not a dietician or a nutritionist. My specialty is food, and healing food in particular. My goal when I meet with a client is to help them succeed on their healing diet. Too often patients receive a recommended diet from their healthcare practitioner but can’t implement it for many reasons. I share recipes, techniques and practical inspiration to help my clients succeed and heal.

It is my deep wish to share with you any information that will help you on your healing journey. Two years ago my first cookbook published, so I can now share with you the baked goods and treats that make our family’s every meal into a feast~ Eat Beautiful: Grain-free, Sugar-free, & Loving It. I am currently working on my second full-length cookbook on healing soups.

Thank you for following my blog, my Pinterest account and Facebook page! These are additional resources that allow me to serve you. Your comments are always appreciated. Hang in there; we’re in this together!

By the way, the painting at the header of my blog is the Bacchus version of me! I have, as you can see, a highly imaginative little mind. I love fantasy and food and all things literary. I envision myself as a female Bacchus because I believe that feasting can happen on healing diets.  That’s the motto of Eat Beautiful: Putting the Feast into Healing Diets. I hope you will come along with me as I share indulgent fare that can be enjoyed whatever your limitations.

Warmly, Megan

P.S. The diets I help implement vary slightly based on a client’s health diagnosis.  I currently work with clients and help toward healing or improving the following conditions:  interstitial cystitis, leaky gut, pathogen overgrowth or gut dysbiosis, gastroparesis, hormone imbalance/infertility, asthma, ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, autoimmune diseases (I have had three!), Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis, IBS, SIBO, and Parkinson’s disease.  Again, I am not medically trained.  My specialty, education and passion are in food, and by self-study and through healing my own family I act as a guide in implementing proper diets that have already been recommended by a healthcare practitioner.  I am also happy to help create individualized meal plans.