Overnight Decoction of Dandelion and Nettles, for detoxification~ This tea can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge. Drink 1-2 glasses daily for so many health benefits. #nettles #detox #herbaltea #dandelion #burdock #redclover #detoxtea #detoxherbs #livercleanse #immuneboostingfoods #immuneboosters

Overnight Decoction of Dandelion and Nettles {iced healing tea, for detox}

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Up to four herbs can be put into this tea. They each have amazing health benefits, not the least of which is detoxification. One to two glasses of this iced (or hot) tea is beneficial to drink daily each spring. Let’s look at dandelion and nettles’ properties, as well as burdock’s and red clover’s. You’ll love the way they cleanse …

mug of bulletproof coffee

Basic Bulletproof Coffee: for Intermittent Fasting {Keto, Paleo, GAPS, 3 ingredients}

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While Bulletproof Coffee has been popular for some time, it’s less commonly used, but an effective tool, to support the process of intermittent fasting. The basic principle of intermittent fasting is this: after 12 hours of holding on to fat, the body allows it to be released. By skipping one meal, or in this case enjoying bulletproof coffee for breakfast, …

10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins

10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins (PLUS recipe!)

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I may receive a commission if you purchase through links in this post. The time has come when lots of folks know what a bulletproof coffee is; hurray for that! The nutrition and deliciousness of bulletproofs has modified my morning ritual for the better. I even make bulletproof hot chocolates most mornings for my boys. And we make them at …

Tapioca Floats! {tapioca reinvented::Paleo::AIP::EASY::sooo yummy for breakfast, snack or dessert}

Tapioca Floats! {tapioca reinvented::Paleo::AIP ::EASY::sooo yummy:: a complex carb! for breakfast, snack or dessert}

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I may receive a commission if you purchase through links in this post. I rediscovered tapioca recently, and a new way to eat it, that I’m suuuper excited to share with you. Sorry to say that tapioca isn’t for GAPS Diet folks (but it can be in the future, so keep on healing!); but it is appropriate for those on …

Strawberry Basil Switchel

Strawberry-Basil Switchel {with probiotics!}

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Switchel is a fermented, thirst-quenching beverage– that’s actually fast and easy and …rewarding and …encouraging to make! …And your kids, if you have any, will say, “Can I have more of that?” Apple cider vinegar is the magic ingredient. It actually contains probiotics and inoculates this simple ferment. No work. Just a blender (or shake it to combine). And lovely …

How to Make Chicory “Coffee”- 1 ingredient, herbal, 5 minutes to make, great prebiotics! (AIP-safe)

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Making a cup of chicory (herbal) coffee is as easy as making a cup of tea. But this herbal coffee is dark, for those of us who love a rich, bold, slightly bitter punch, and tastes a lot like real coffee. To add to its allure, it has the nutritional benefit of containing prebiotics, actually the highest concentration of inulin …

Thyroid Anti-Inflammatory Energy Tea

Thyroid Anti-Inflammatory Energy Tea

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When we talk about supporting the thyroid it’s important to note that every body is different. Autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s are complex. While different approaches are required for each patient, there are some general principles that will benefit the thyroid and immune system of most patients. Of course, reducing inflammation is one of these principles. This Thyroid Anti-inflammatory Energy Tea …


Mojito Popsicles~ for grown-ups! {Alcoholic & Paleo}

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Mojito is one of the best ice cream flavors. We serve it at our cafe, a dairy-free ice “cream”, and it’s well loved. We love the addition of cucumber, so I’ve added it here, too. These popsicles are the perfect grown-up celebration treat. For those who enjoy alcohol, like my hubby, it’s super fun and restful during an afternoon or …


Bulletproof Hot Chocolate~ Paleo with Resistant Starch and Gelatin {AIP variation: carob and dairy-free alternatives}

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I love making high-protein, gelatin-fortified hot chocolate. Resistant Starch & Gelatin My many variations evolved yet again recently when I decided to add resistant starch (RS) to the mix. Fact is, I can’t get a baked good or prebiotic veggies into my body everyday! Yet I do best (stabilized blood sugar levels and no constipation) when I have a form …

Lavender-White Chocolate Steamer (Paleo/Primal/GAPS- dairy-free & raw milk versions)

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There are days. There are those of us who never. Coffee and hot chocolate don’t/can’t always happen. Yet we want something sweet and creamy and yes, even nourishing. Lavender-White Chocolate is a steamer that satisfies- both soothing and exciting with its yum factor. Bringing to the table protein (especially if you are able to choose the raw milk version), good …