EGG-FREE baked goods, AIP, Paleo, Gluten-free and GAPS

Egg-free Baked Goods for the Holidays! {AIP, Paleo, GAPS, & GF}

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We found out my own son needed to be egg-free about one year ago. Since that time, I’ve learned to make lots of baked goods with plantains, which have an excellent starch profile and, when paired with gelatin, work well without eggs.

Hibiscus-dusted energy balls make your mouth buzzy and happy. They're not full of high-fructose fruit, such as dates~ which aren't bad; don't get me wrong. I love dates. But I wanted an energy ball that was low-sugar, no nuts, easy to digest and genuinely a super-food ball. I think I've created just that and it's delicious! It's also rich and satisfying, so perfect for a grab-and-go snack. I'm pleased with the nutrient-dense ingredients: coconut, hibiscus, bee pollen, spirulina, honey, diatomaceous earth and lime oil (optional). My favorite way to eat the balls is rolled in the powdered dried hibiscus blossoms. This gives them their added citrusy zip that is quite energizing and happy-making.I’ve also made lots of treats that don’t require eggs, like Energy Balls“Granola” Bars, and Brownie Bites, all grain-free! These treats get a HUGELY enthusiastic response grain-free-granola-bar-paleo-gapsfrom my clan, even my husband who can eat more freely than the rest of us.

But I haven’t taken the time to learn rolls or other more bready treats that usually require eggs. For the holidays I dipped into a new egg-free, mostly AIP baking cookbook to see what I could find. I found rolls! Beautiful rolls! (Oh, how excited my youngest will be, not to mention my other two kids!)

I also found cookies, pie and a whole lot more. I’d love to share this cookbook with you because it’s inexpensive and the content is just what I was looking for.

Not all of the recipes are refined-sugar-free. But most of them are. Combined with the recipes in my cookbook, we are set as a family for great favorites.

If you’re looking for cakes and cookies, you’ll love what you find.

If you’re looking for pies for the holiday, this book has you covered!

There are also three varieties of rolls and buns, all beautiful, not to mention many other treats.

This book is called The Allergy-Free Holiday Table, although I know we’ll be using it year-round.


I love what the authors, Amanda Torres and Davina Hawkins, say about “No Compromise.” They’ve both made huge health strides as a result of dietary changes.  Most of us, who’ve been in their shoes, know that not compromising, even during the holidays, is, ironically, so encouraging. It’s what helps us to get well and to maintain wellness. You have less pressure to compromise when you have great alternatives!

No need to feel deprived! I hope, instead, that you’ll find recipes your body loves. Physically and emotionally, these are life-giving choices we make.

Amanda and Davina’s eBook is just $12.95. If you’re on the AIP or a Paleo diet, if you’re egg-free and/or gluten-free, I think you’ll love this purchase! (It’s obvious these ladies have mastered baking and with a focus on health, which I love!) Here are a few more details that will be helpful if you’re trying to decide if this book’s a good fit for you:

  • If you’re on GAPS, this eBook is only going to work as you phase off, which is where our family is at. My kids are all well, and we’ve successfully begun to reintroduce starches. If you’re not there yet, no worries! I hope you have my cookbook and find plenty of amazing recipes here on my blog. I’m personally not re-introducing starches yet; and I’m as happy as a clam! (Focus on what you can have; and delight.)
  • Paleo and gluten-free folks will be able to eat most, if not all, of these recipes.
  • The recipes are all milk-free. They are also free of soy, nuts, peanuts, wheat etc.

Cheers, friends. I’m so excited about the coming holidays! These are the first for our family when we’re all well; and we’re all feasting on variations of our old favorites. My egg-free guy will have rolls; my dairy-free daughter will have egg-nog. We’ll all have Sweet Potato/Winter Squash Casserole. My daughter’s making the stuffing (The Allergy-Free Holiday Table has an egg-free stuffing recipe, btw!); my hubby’s making the pies. May you eat abundantly, but also within your dietary protocol, so there’s no guilt or backlash, just pleasure and wellness.

By the way! If you’d like to see these two lovely ladies, the authors, interviewed, I’m super excited to be interviewing See these cookbook authors interviewed LIVE.them LIVE this coming Thursday, November 19th, at 9 am. Tune in to (and “Subscribe” [don’t worry; it’s free and fast] to Megan Stevens) to see this new form of social media! I’ll also be interviewing two other amazing women at the same time, both successful authors of my favorite cookbooks!

(Meet Wardee Harmon of Traditional Cooking School, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods and Kimberly Harris of The Nourishing Gourmet, author of Ladled, the best book on soups!)

Last but not least, I want to mention cassava flour.

It’s a grain-free, Paleo and AIP flour that works well in baking without the use of eggs. I’ve been wanting to start working with it. The Allergy-Free Holiday Table uses it quite a bit, to achieve the right egg-free texture.

Cassava flour (non-GM, organic source) comes from the manioc tuber. The whole root is used to make cassava rootthe flour; so it is different than tapioca starch, which is just the extracted starch from the tuber (and therefore plays a different role in baking). The root itself must be cooked properly (soaking, cooking, and/or fermenting) to detoxify it. It is a good source of calcium, vitamin C, and certain amino acids, but very low in protein. Cassava flour is a decent source of resistant starch in one’s diet, although not as good as other sources (raw green plantains, for instance), better than tapioca flour.

If you, too, would like to learn to bake with cassava flour, here’s your chance! I’m grateful The Allergy-Free Holiday Table has paved the way for me, and figured out what works beautifully in recipes, especially rolls and buns!

You can buy the book HERE if you’re interested!

Cheers, friends, a VERY happy Thanksgiving and holiday season to you!!

EGG-FREE baked goods, AIP, Paleo, Gluten-free and GAPS

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    1. Anna, what would you like to interchange for the tapioca? It does have its own role in baked goods; but there may be a good alternative. The intro to this book talks about this, too.

  1. We don’t have any allergies in our immediate family. But, these days almost any family you invite over has something to consider. It’s worth it for us all to learn to make things allergen free!

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