Why is Gelatin Good for You? {And how to best optimize its nutrition}

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Gelatin’s many roles in the human body make it a supplement worth including on a daily basis. Far beyond improving skin, nail and hair health, its nourishment of the human body is profound and broad. Just as it holds ingredients together when cooking, its components help to seal the gut or rebuild tissue. Being high in animal protein, this multi-purpose …

How to Heal Yeast Infections and Kill Pathogen Overgrowth

How to Heal YEAST INFECTIONS and treat pathogen overgrowth: Part 2 {Candida and more}

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If you need to conquer internal (or external skin) pathogen overgrowth there are a few components that I have found essential for success. We need to be, firstly and most importantly, on a grain-free, refined-sugar-free diet. An herbal regimen should not only be implemented but rotated to prevent pathogens from morphing. Biofilm disruptors should be included in one’s protocol. Let’s …

BAPS and baking with DE

BAPS Recipe *and* How to Incorporate Diatomaceous Earth into BAKING! for its pathogen-killing properties

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A couple years ago I connected with a practitioner on the east coast whose specialty was wiping out pathogen overgrowth. I learned a lot from him and while I don’t have a pathogen population of zero, I have reached a tolerable level of equilibrium with my bugs. (I am aware that a healthy level of candida is considered normal or …

How to Clean a Dry Brush


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So you’ve started dry brushing? Great, me too! It makes a huge difference in my body’s ability to detox. If you haven’t started yet, here’s more information on why it’s worth the 5 minute daily ritual. This post contains affiliate links. I’ve noticed advice on-line to discard your brush after 3 months of use and to get new one. I …

How to Make Yellow Dock Tea for Anemia

How to Make Yellow Dock Tea: Iron Wine~ For Anemia

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This post contains affiliate links. Recently diagnosed with anemia, my super-doc put me on 3 cups of yellow dock root tea a day. I like the side benefits of yellow dock: it aids those with low stomach acid (me!), heals the liver and improves digestion. It can also be used topically to help with acne and psoriasis and is excellent for …


Parenting Sick Kids~ Wholesome TV Tricks and Comfort Remedies

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We don’t do much screen time. We save it as a special treat, for rare nights when we’re all exhausted or for when we’re sick. Even with infrequent viewing, it’s easy to run out of great programming.  We love the older Disney classics like Mary Poppins and Swiss Family Robinson, as well as incomparable masterpieces like The Sound of Music.  …

Detox Bath Ingredients

How to Take a Detox Bath, a.k.a. Why YOU should be taking more baths!

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When you embark on a healing diet there are so many pieces!  I recently realized, after years of intentional protocol, that I was missing an important piece: DETOX BATHS. How did I miss this one?  I’d been taking them occasionally.  But in reviewing GAPS guidelines from the GAPS website, I was able to glean many insights that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride …



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I FINALLY DID IT!  Sleeping through the night, every night! THE PROBLEM If you’ve suffered from insomnia you know that you feel fearful when you go to sleep at night, fearful that you’ll wake up at 3 in the morning, then lay there for 3 hours before finally catching another 30 minutes of sleep, or just deciding to get up …

Germ Fighter received

How to Diffuse and Use Essential Oils!

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ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS I have often heard of Thieves essential oil by the popular Young Living essential oil (EO) company.  I didn’t know what its use was, only that it was a multi-purpose blend.  BUT I was recently gifted a lovely smelling bottle of essential oil called Germ Fighter by a company called Plant Therapy.  I’m not a big fan …

steam tent image

How and When to Use a Steam Tent- From Coughs to Ear Infections, Steam Tents Work!

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Treatments and Sentiments that Didn’t Work I have a lot of experience with getting through a night of coughing.  My daughter’s coughing.  Laying awake listening to her cough, not sleeping.  Getting up with her.  Talking to the naturopathic doctor in the middle of the night. My daughter’s now 13.  But even from the time when she was teeny her cold …