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Instant Pot CASHEW YOGURT {Paleo, GAPS, Vegan, Whole30, just 3 ingredients!}

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So many things to love about homemade cashew yogurt. Firstly, cashew yogurt is super fast and easy to make when you use your Instant Pot. Secondly, cashew yogurt is full of probiotics and works for the GAPS diet or a dairy-free Paleo diet. It’s also vegan and Whole30. Thirdly … Instant Pot CASHEW YOGURT is SO SMOOTH and delicious!!! and needs NO thickener, with just 3 ingredients!

How can you beat that?

A white dish with thick cashew yogurt and berries that's made in the instant pot. It's paleo, vegan and gaps diet friendly.

Instant Pot Yogurt (dairy-free)

I don’t know why it took me so long to start making yogurt in my Instant Pot. (Find the Instant Pot I use here.) It is seriously the easiest method ever! Just 3 ingredients in the blender —> one button, and the Instant Pot does all the work, in less than a day!

Dairy-free yogurt is yours. (That doesn’t taste like coconut.)


Cashews were the easy choice for this nut-based yogurt (although cashews are actually a fruit!). After being soaked for two hours, cashews become super creamy and smooth when puréed. Cashews are rich in flavor, high in good fats, protein and carbs, and packed with minerals.

Save Money

And … I love the economy of this recipe because you can save a bit of the yogurt each time you make this recipe, to reinoculate your next batch. This approach saves money: While I love the beautiful dairy-free yogurt culture I link to below, this recipe would get pricey if it used a packet from the box for every batch of yogurt. I give exact details in the Recipe Notes below for how to keep your yogurt going without using a packet each time.


Sweetening the yogurt: I like to use the teeniest bit of stevia before the yogurt cultures, so it’s ready to eat when it’s done, and I don’t need to add any maple syrup or honey; that’s me. You can do that; I give directions below. OR if you love and prefer an unrefined liquid sweetener, you can drizzle that on once the yogurt’s done.

Can’t go wrong; my kids do both. Sweetener is optional. With no sweetener, this yogurt is Whole30 friendly.

In the category of Other Uses for Yogurt, you can lavishly coat this yogurt with honey or maple syrup and gobs of berries or other fruit for a beautiful dessert! SO easy, but seriously decadent. And this yogurt, if made with the smaller amount of water, as I mention below (2 cups), can be used to fill a cake or where ricotta would be used in desserts, like to fill crepes.

Lastly, this yogurt can be used in savory recipes, of course! Be creative in your dairy-free dishes where you’d use a cheese like ricotta or cottage, and use this probiotic cashew yogurt (the thickest version) instead. It can be spiked with fresh chives, garlic, herbs and spices, green onions etc. Such an exciting recipe with OPTIONS!


I give a range in the recipe. You can ferment the yogurt for up to 20 hours for extra probiotics. Your yogurt will get tangier the longer it ferments. Choose your ferment time based on the flavor you prefer and how high in probiotics you want your yogurt to be. 20 hour cashew yogurt is very tangy and bursting with probiotics. If you like it less tangy, just ferment for a shorter period of time.


You can also just eat this yogurt plain. It’s super lovely and special when it’s just finished and still warm — so thick and creamy and other-worldly. Warm or cold, eat plain; top a waffle!, top with berries; use as a dip; you know what to do!

May this change your life forever in all the good ways probiotic foods do! Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt makes it so easy and pleasurable to be dairy-free!

Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt {LOTS of probiotics, Paleo, GAPS Diet, Vegan; just 3 ingredients, super easy, done in less than a day! #instantpotyogurt #dairyfreeyogurt #paleoyogurt #gapsdietyogurt #veganyogurt #cashewyogurt


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Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt {Paleo, GAPS, Vegan, just 3 ingredients!} #paleoyogurt #instantpotveganyogurt #instantpotcashewyogurt #instantpotpaleoyogurt #cashewyogurt #probiotics
Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt {Paleo, GAPS, just 3 ingredients!}
Prep Time
10 mins
Servings: 4 servings
Author: Megan
  • 3 cups cashews, or cashew pieces
  • 2-1/2 cups filtered water You can make this yogurt thicker or thinner by using less or more water in the recipe. You can use as little as 2 cups water in the recipe for a really thick yogurt, or use as much as 3 cups water for a thinner yogurt.
  • 1 packet vegan yogurt starter dairy-free (see Recipe Notes)
  • stevia, to taste, optional (see Recipe Notes); omit for Whole30
  1. Place cashews and water in insert bowl of Instant Pot for 2 hours, to soak.
  2. Transfer cashews and water to blender. Blend 50 seconds on medium-high speed, until smooth, scraping sides of blender jar down once, if needed.
  3. Add yogurt starter (and optional stevia), and blend again briefly to combine, 5-10 seconds.
  4. Pour puree back into insert pot of Instant Pot.
  5. Plug in Instant Pot. Secure pot with insert inside. Cover insert with clear glass lid.
  6. Press Yogurt button. Use the up arrow button to manually select 16 hours (or up to 20 hours).
  7. Yogurt is fully cultured when beeper goes off. Eat warm, or chill first, refrigerating any leftovers.
Recipe Notes

Find dairy-free, vegan yogurt starter culture here.

  • NOTE: You don't have to keep buying this starter!! Save 3 tablespoons from each batch to start your next batch! What a money-saver!

Find the best liquid stevia here, and my favorite powdered stevia here.

  • Optional~ If you want to sweeten your yogurt ahead of time, very subtly, stevia does a good job and keeps this treat high in protein, high in fat and but low in insulin-producing sugars. Stevia does not interfere with the culturing process. You can still drizzle a little honey or pure maple syrup over the yogurt when you're ready to eat it, if you wish. That teeny bit of stevia is undetectable but makes the finished product perfect for our needs. I use 10-15 drops of the liquid stevia, or a couple of sprinkles of the stevia powder; stir in before culturing, so your warm, cultured yogurt is ready to eat!
  • If you prefer not to use stevia, you can leave your yogurt unsweetened; or add maple syrup or honey afterward.

white dish with vegan paleo gaps diet instant pot cashew yogurt topped with berries



Have you made cashew yogurt before? Have you used an Instant Pot to make yogurt? (Find the Instant Pot I use here.)

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      1. Aloha,
        Do you think that it would be kind to include inactive, but necessary time for the recipe. 10 min/12 minutes is a bit misleading! Obviously we know that it will take more, but in the summary at the top it might be nice to know about how many hours we are getting ourselves into before we decide to make this for dessert tonight or breakfast tomorrow!

  1. That almost looks as thick as ice cream! So indulgent! I can’t wait to try it! Now that I think of it, if you churn it it would make an amazing frozen yogurt! Gah!

  2. This recipe looks so interesting. I am on a dairy free diet and really miss yoghurt. I will have to try it out!

  3. I can not wait to try this cashew yogurt! I have been searching for a good dairy-free alternative to greek yogurt that doesn’t contain thickeners. Pinning to try soon!

  4. I tried cashew yogurt for the first time a couple weeks ago, but haven’t seen it on the grocery shelf where I live, Now I can make it! Thanks

  5. I’d like to try this but I don’t have the glass lid only the standard Instant Pot lid, will this work? Also do I vent it or not? Sorry I’m completely new to this. Thank you.

    1. Post
      1. Hello! This looks delicious! So, I don’t have a glass lid either so I’ll just put it in the pot that comes with the instant pot and the pressurized lid? Also, what do you mean by “vent it”? Do you mean keep the pot depressurized? I’m new to this as well so be as specific as possible! 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Hey there, could one potentially use Forager’s cashew milk to get similar results? Thinking of thickness particularly…

    1. Hi and … I don’t know. It will culture, but there’s no way of knowing how thick it will be or what the texture will be like. I haven’t tried store bought milk with this recipe, and I do make the milk puree pretty thick for mine, although it doesn’t have to be.

    2. I just did this with Forager’s cashew milk . I used a dry powdered yogurt starter (Cultures for Change Real Yogurt). Used my Instant Pot’s Yogurt setting on 10 hours…just opened the pot this morning and the contents are still liquid..doesn’t taste “yogurt-y” either. So Sad. )-; Not sure what went wrong…I did steam sterilize my Instant Pot first and boil the milk, and let it cool to 110 F before starting the yogurt program…Any ideas?

  7. I don’t have an Instant Pot. Could I put this in the small jars in my yogurt maker/machine? I wonder how long it would take.

    1. Yeeess!! That’s such a lovely way to use it…and then folded over and topped with macerated strawberries!

    1. Hi Tessa, probably, re the probiotics! I don’t know for sure. What always works is a living probiotic food, like sauerkraut or yogurt etc. This is the only homemade item I buy a starter for. Yes, no thickener; isn’t that fun?! 🙂 It’s more versatile since some can’t have gelatin and some can’t have tapioca etc.

  8. Wow, it looks so thick! I love homemade yogurt. We regularly make it, but I’ve not tried cashew yet. Does it taste much like cashews?

  9. Great! I’ve just ordered the vegan starter packets. Tell me, do you prefer making the entire batch in the IP insert, or would some glass jars on the trivet also work?

  10. How fun! I would never have thought to make cashew yogurt in the IP. Such a great idea Megan! I bet it’s so yummy with the fruit on top too!

    1. Thank you, Emily!! It is such a fun and quick process! Yes, the fruit and all the other options, so versatile and creative. 🙂 xo!

  11. I made this and it turned out perfect. Great instructions, thanks! Any wisdom about how long this will keep in the fridge?

  12. Are you supposed to boil this in the IP? I’ve made yogurt with milk in my IP and of course it boils and cools. But not so with cashewgurt? I followed instructions to make this w/o the boil since the directions didn’t indicate. I used 3 T of my organic whole milk yogurt. When done, I opened up the IP and there were a few small, round discolorations on the surface of the chahewgurt–pink and a yellow. Is this mold? It smells fine and looks delicious, but I’m a bit scared to try it! :/ I’m gonna put it in the refrigerator for now, but would like some advice on whether it’s edible or not. Thanks!

    1. Post

      It sounds great and fine, but I can’t be sure without seeing it and the process/ingredients used. Sorry I got your comment late, because I’m getting used to a new commenting system, and missed yours. I hope you ended up making the right choice. With ferments we are usually safe if it smells clean, no fuzzy mold on top etc. Should have a nice tangy flavor. You are right: no boil, just a warm, steady temperature. Cashews can discolor a bit. Also, this is a short ferment, so mold would not develop that fast. I hope it all worked out for you and that you feel some certainty in the process and outcome.

  13. I will be trying this in a LUX model of the Instant Pot, which has no yogurt button. I have come across great “no boil” instructions, so I think I should be fine. However, I noticed that your timer setting is considerably LONGER than most other recipes I’ve seen. Most call for 8-10 hours, whereas you call for 16-20. Is the longer culturing/incubation time due to the cashew content?

    1. Post

      Hi Andrea, thanks for your comments and question. The longer culturing time comes from my education in the GAPS Diet, which emphasizes probiotics for healing the gut. Longer culturing creates LOTS more probiotics and a tangier flavor. A less tangy yogurt means fewer probiotics. This is not necessarily bad, but it’s a matter of preference nutritionally and flavor-wise. So both approaches are fine; it’s an individual choice. Cheers!

  14. I tried making this and used a touch of maple syrup as my sweetener and I used a probiotic capsule. It came out horribly. It is so sour and tasted like I dumped ACV in it. I set my instapot to 16 hours. Any thoughts?

    1. Post

      Hi Karrie, thanks for your question. The recipe ingredients include using a starter culture (instead of the probiotic capsule you mention). The benefit of using the starter culture is that you’re controlling the outcome with certain probiotic species. Every kind of probiotic yields a different flavor. Also, if you added the maple syrup before culturing, you’ll need to follow the recipe and add sweetener after the fermentation has occurred. If you try again, I would also suggest you set your Instant Pot for a shorter period of time, if you don’t like your yogurt super tangy. The longer the yogurt cultures, the tangier it gets, because the probiotics keep proliferating, and their flavor is tangy. Best wishes!

    1. Post

      Hi Paula, no, that’s fine, as long as you can cover the pot in some way. A large dinner plate works fine, or a plate over a layer of cheesecloth/a thin dish towel will work well. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Paula, if it is grainy I think the cashews weren’t soaked long enough or didn’t puree fully, or both. No yogurt flavor means it needs to ferment better or longer, because the tart flavor is the flavor of the probiotics. This may reflect various things: the quality of the probiotic, the temperature of the ferment etc.

  15. Best non-dairy yogurt I’ve made yet! So easy. No extra fillers and so thick and creamy! And you were right; straight out of the pot warm is soooo good. Took everything I had to put in fridge. Thanks again, Megan for sharing you special skills from the kitchen. Much love, Erin

    1. Post

      Thank you Erin! It’s always so helpful to hear from those who’ve made a recipe. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Much love back!

    1. Post

      Hi Laura, if you buy salted cashews, it would be good to rinse them well. Otherwise your yogurt will be salty, and the salt producers use is not sea salt, so not super healthy. I think this recipe will be fine with rinsed salted cashews, but if you have the choice, choose unsalted. Thanks for the question. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Claire, I’m sorry I received your question late. If you get this~ in some cases, yes. The things to be aware of are just one: that you have a good quality probiotic that’s alive and two: different strains actually have different flavors, so it’s possible to create a kind of funky-flavored yogurt by using a probiotic strain or combination that’s not usually used for making yogurt. If you try to stick to the common strains used for making yogurt, then this will be good. Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus are 3 commonly used strains. Thanks for the great question.

  16. So good! Thank you! How long should this last in the refrigerator? Our first batch was eaten in a few days but the second batch seemed to go bad within maybe 5 days. Any thoughts?

    1. Post

      Hi Christine, sorry to get your question late. I’d say that 5 days is the early side of how long the yogurt lasts, and that maybe something got into that batch (like double dipping a spoon or some other “contamination”). I’m not sure how long the yogurt will last if given the chance because we do eat ours within the week. Perhaps I can update this at some point.

  17. Hi! I’m following the Low-Fodmap/GAPS diet recommended on one of your blogs. Is there another nut instead of cashews that would work? And/or do you know of a good coconut yogurt recipe for the Instant Pot? Thank you so much!!! I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing so much with us!!

    1. Post

      Hi Tamara! I’m so sorry. It looks like I wasn’t alerted to about 3 of the comments in this thread and am just now seeing your question. Maybe you figured it out, but if not: Pecans, Pine nuts, Walnuts and Macadamia nuts would be best, especially pine nuts or macadamia’s because they purée beautifully and creamy like cashews when soaked first. You could do part walnuts or pecans with pine nuts or macadamias, and that would be SO yummy. 🙂 Cheers and hope you get to make this!

    1. Post

      Hi Jen, in some cases, yes. The things to be aware of are just one: that you have a good quality probiotic that’s alive and two: different strains actually have different flavors, so it’s possible to create a kind of funky-flavored yogurt by using a probiotic strain or combination that’s not usually used for making yogurt. If you try to stick to the common strains used for making yogurt, then this will be good. Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus are 3 commonly used strains. Thanks for the great question.

  18. Hi, I’m definitely going to try this! My question though is, how long can you safely keep the yoghurt for, that you keep behind each time to use as the starter for the next batch? Keep in the fridge only, I presume? Not the freezer? I’m new to the DIY fermentation game…

    1. Post

      Hi Cherie, good question. Really the cashew yogurt lasts only 5-7 days, so this is true for the starter as well. It needs to be used right away to make your next batch; otherwise you’ll need to use the probiotic dry starter again. Wish that wasn’t true! You can try freezing it, but there will be attrition, or death of probiotics, so not ideal.

  19. I have kept my yogurt longer than 5-7 days, more like couple of weeks. It still seems to be ok. My start did get yucky though. Maybe I should make 1/2 a recipe, since I’m the only one eating it. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

    1. Post
  20. Have you ever made oatmilk yogurt in your instant pot? I’m desperately looking for instructions/recipe for this. I tried it once and it didn’t work at all. I tried the cold way. I need your help pretty pretty please.

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