HEALED OF ASTHMA!~ How we put our daughter’s severe asthma into remission

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Asthma: it is the problem that fueled our entire GAPS journey.  The purpose behind healing all of our ailments was propelled mostly by this danger that plagued us, starting five years (now almost 7 years) back.  Our medical pediatrician, who is an expert on asthma, told us our daughter would be on steroids her whole life, that she would always have asthma.

Something in my mama’s breast wouldn’t lie down, wouldn’t accept this as truth.  I knew we could heal her; but I didn’t know how or how long it would take.


Reading Gut and Psychology Syndrome, introduced to us by a friend who knew of our situation, was the first scientific assurance we received that we could achieve our goal of healing her.  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, MMedSci (neurology and nutrition), made a revolutionary leap forward in healing many conditions when she understood,

Rather than trying to fit a child with autistic tendencies, asthma, eczema and hyperactivity or a child with dyspraxia, dyslexia and allergies into a particular diagnostic box we need to have a name for the underlying disorder, which originates in the gut and manifests itself as any combination of the above conditions. (emphasis mine)

So we spent 3 1/2 years on the GAPS Diet (a grain-free, sugar-free regimen that allows the gut to heal and restores proper flora balance) making strides, working with an herbalist naturopath, making strides, sealing up our guts and killing our pathogen overgrowth, making strides, all in an effort to heal the underlying problem so that eventually we could heal our daughter’s asthma, as well as our additional health problems.

(Prior to finding the herbalist, using steroids and her inhaler medication, albuterol, we repeatedly found ourselves in Urgent Care. This was a frightening way to live! When we found the ND herbal practitioner her care kept us out of Urgent Care for years, due to her amazing skill. She had our daughter on two tinctures, one for daily care and one for acute attacks. We could use albuterol or steroids on her “action plan” if we needed them. But her herbs were more powerful and effective; so we rarely went that route.)

But then one day, we heard about a new doctor who had healed a girl of asthma…

When we met and worked with him, he made drama happen.  Within a two hour appointment he had our daughter’s peak flow meter reading within 30 points of normal. To give you some frame of reference, if you are not familiar with peak flow meters, they are like a flattened plastic cylinder, etched with numbers that line up with colors, forming a meter of wellness.imagesWhen a patient blows into the meter, their lung capacity is measured.  When our daughter was fully well, during non-allergy seasons, her peak flow meter registered at 400.  When we first went into this doctor’s office, hers registered at 250.  When we left his office two hours later, in the height of June allergens in the Willamette Valley, the meter read 370.

HOW DID HE DO THIS?? (What medical doctors say is impossible to obtain in a lifetime, what their best drugs cannot accomplish…)

He achieved all this by using homeopathy diagnostically.  We have worked with MANY naturopaths since our daughter was born with colic, eczema and food allergies.  All of them have used homeopathy.  But none of them have used it so skillfully, effectively and with an immediate visible outcome.  (Thank you, Dr. Zeff!)

What did this process look like? Our doctor put only one, sometimes more, homeopathic pellet under our daughter’s tongue and waited for a response from her. He asked, “How does that make you feel?”, (much like Count Rugen, but with an entirely different outcome in mind).  If the outcome was negative, such as a headache, or neutral, he would try another. If it was positive, he would have her blow into the peak flow meter to see if her lung capacity had improved.  He did this over and over again, trying different homeopathic remedies he suspected would help, over the course of 30 minutes or so.  Finally, he created sprays made from the homeopathic remedies that he had found to be effective. These he sent home with us, for our daughter to spray into her mouth three times a day.

METHOD #2- (Important lasting drama continues to heal her from home.)

In addition to homeopathy, our doctor uses an old-fashioned naturopathic evaluation that gauges the dietary reactivity and digestibility of certain foods.  It does not gauge food allergies.  It is a unique test that I hadn’t seen used before, one that picks up on genetically predisposed food intolerances, ones that won’t go away with time, ones that can sabotage health and healing.

The evaluation confirmed that there was a food our daughter was still eating, even on our ultra-restricted GAPS diet, that was holding her back from complete healing.  In her case the answer was dairy, even though her only dairy consumption was fully cultured.  Our doctor expects foods that cause reactivity to be  inherently problematic for people. Patients will most likely, therefore, need to eliminate the food culprit for their entire lives. This was a big disappointment for our daughter, as dairy is her greatest craving. But the trade-off is well worth it, in her eyes even.  So much pain, discomfort, and fear are behind us now.  And this food group is directly linked to her condition.

*Update~ Our daughter has now been asthma-free for years. However, dairy is still a trigger. Auto-immune diseases are not so much healed as they are put into remission by choices we make or treatments we follow. If she has the smallest amount of dairy she will have an asthmatic reaction. Our doctor has given us a tincture that stops the asthma attack quickly, that we keep on hand, in case she eats dairy accidentally.

KEY #3- (A three-week jump start.)

Our homework, 5 nights a week for three weeks after our appointment, included hydrotherapy.  Unfamiliar with this practice until recently, we were both amazed by this simple process and its powerful effect. home-hydrotherapy-pictureThe form of hydrotherapy that our doctor uses is simply putting hot and cold towels on the front and back of one’s torso.  The contrasting temperatures each have their own role; and especially the longer contact the cold towel has with one’s body stimulates certain systems to work better, increasing internal organ functions, (including healing chronic constipation problems).  

The cold towel is comically uncomfortable; but we set ourselves up on a cozy bed with a good book or movie and use the time to be by ourselves and relax.  The initial placement of the cold towel is definitely an unwelcome shock; but the discomfort goes away almost immediately, and, oh, the results!  The results make that cold moment even welcome.  (By the way, I, too, saw this doctor for extreme adrenal fatigue and various other issues, thus my own personal experience with hydrotherapy.)

In conclusion, our doctor told us during our one appointment with him that our daughter's case was a serious case of asthma and that it might take him as long as 2-4 months to put it into remission. Can you believe that prognosis compared with what we all experience with other practitioners?, (who, by the way, I don't blame; they just don't know what he knows). He offered to us what we'd been searching for.

In conclusion, our doctor told us during our one appointment with him that our daughter’s case was a serious case of asthma and that it might take him as long as 2-4 months to put it into remission.  Can you believe that prognosis compared with what we all experience with other practitioners?, (who, by the way, I don’t blame; they just don’t know what he knows).  He offered to us what we’d been searching for.

At the heart of his practice, and the basic understanding of homeopathy, is the belief that the body will heal itself if given the right information.  After only one visit with this doctor, and being introduced to healing information through homeopathy and hydrotherapy, as well as eliminating foods that were interfering with the basis for all health and healing, namely digestion, our daughter was symptom-free. Her digestion wasn’t perfect immediately.  He told me that would fall into line with her body continuing to heal itself over the next few months.  The GAPS diet continues to be an asset in our healing. (*Update~ Our daughter is now 14 years old and she is gradually coming off of the GAPS diet. She is symptom-free and has had no problems introducing new foods into her diet.)

From a sentimental standpoint, she has been able to resume all the activities that she had to give up: ballet, art, piano, biking.  And she’s taken up archery.  Being outside has new joy.  We will walk every day (outside in June) with thankfulness.


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  1. You mention Willamette Valley. Where exactly does Dr Zeff practice. We are in Willamette valley as well and my daughter has asthma eczema and food sensitivities too. We’ve recently tried the conventional allergist route which helped find more of her allergens but their treatment suggestions were crap with side effects worse than the allergies. We have used NDs before and use herbs and homeopathy which help a lot but it was worst ever this year from March to end of June. Lack of spring rain made air worse but I feel we are missing some sensitivities, especially whatever is causing severe cradle cap, and we haven’t nailed the remedy combo perfect for her.

    1. Hi Laural,

      Yeah, he’s pretty much amazing, cured her easily in one visit and then residual healing continues to take place for her general health. The clinic name is Salmon Creek Clinic, Vancouver, WA. We happily drove two hours to see him with the hope of his helping her. This year Franny’s allergies were their worst yet, so scary and uncomfortable every single day for months until our visit to Dr. Zeff. If you go to him, please comment one more time about your experience. Franny’s case was bad and he healed her so effectively. He also healed a friend of mine’s daughter of asthma, which is how we heard of him. I’d love to hear your experience. Good luck!!

  2. That is so inspiring, I have been wanting to put my son on the GAPS diet in the hope it will heal or reduce his nut allergies. I need to do this. thank you!

  3. I’m always amazed when I hear stories like this. It almost makes me feel bad for conventional doctors, who bumble around, wondering why the only thing that works for them (and their patients) are antibiotics. I’m speaking generally here, of course. I know there are good doctors out there who have tried this or that, and it’s worked. But I do wish more doctors took at least a handful of nutrition classes (some don’t take a single one).

    1. I completely agree and know what you’re saying. Good intentions but ignorance about certain areas of healing that can have a profound effect on a whole family and certainly a person’s whole life!

  4. Wow! This is so incredible! Good for you, pressing forward against conventional “wisdom” and making wonderful choices for your daughter!! And what a blessing to have found a physician who not only cares enough to try new things, but has wisdom about what to try and how to heal! Absolutely Wonderful 🙂

  5. Hi there- is this still lasting? When the weather turned cold has she Flaired? I hve a 15 mo old son whose now been in the hospital 3x in 6 weeks because of breathing/asthma problems… Don’t want him to have a life on steroids!

    1. For the most part all her former triggers have not caused asthma this fall: dust mites and are you familiar with salicylates? But one salicylate did cause a mild asthma reaction two nights ago. We were surprised because overall if she stays away from dairy she is well. It abated quickly due to a remedy this same doctor gave us. But we will see him one more time to make sure we’re doing everything possible to keep her moving in the right direction, her body healing itself. So sorry to hear about your son!! Are you anywhere near Vancouver, WA? If not, he may be able to recommend someone closer to you. But we’ve been to a lot of good naturopaths over the years and never found anyone who knows what this man does, or who can utilize homeopathy so effectively. Dr. Zeff could at least do the blood test by mail that is unique to his practice, that will tell you what food trigger to keep from your son’s diet. But the homeopathy part of the healing would have to happen in person. Overall, she is well. She eats the other former foods that used to trigger her without incident. And she can have a chest cold now without becoming asthmatic. It continues to amaze us. Best wishes to you and hope this helps!! <3

      1. We did visit Dr. Zeff again and the salicylates are no longer an issue. He fixed us right up, so to speak, amazing.

  6. Wow this is amazing! I have a son who has been struggling with severe asthma since he was 3 weeks old. Growing up we were constantly in doctors offices and urgent care. I’m so happy I found your page! I too live in Eugene, OR and would love to meet you to chat and take one of the classes you offer. I’ve heard of the GAPS diet and have bought the book, I’m having difficulty finding a way to start. If you don’t mind me asking what is the contact information for the naturopath you used for you daughter.

    1. Not at all. It’s above in the article, too; but his name is Dr. Zeff of the Salmon Creek Clinic in Vancouver, WA. It’s more than worth the 2 hour drive. I’m so happy you found this article, too! Dr. Zeff’s phone # and the link are just above at the end of the article. Feel free to email me if you want to set up a consultation to help you with implementing GAPS or new dietary restrictions. I’d love to help. 🙂 [email protected] I’d love to hear, too, about your visit to Dr. Zeff! He also healed my friend’s daughter of asthma. That individual can no longer eat fruit. But she is well!

  7. Hi! God bless your daughter she could finally enjoy being a child and enjoy everything in life. Having an asthma-free child would mean the world to anyone. I prayed everyday that my daughter will no longer suffer an asthma attack. She suffered her first severe asthma attack 2weeks before her 1st birthday. She’s 50/50 already. She was confined in the hospital for 10 days then we went home and the doctor gave her maintenance meds. Her second severe attack was December 16, 2015. The doctor said she’s near to 50/50 and it worsen because she had convulsions this time. She was confined in the hospital for 8 days and maintenance med again when we got home. Then we have a follow up check ups o her doctor but I don’t understand why she’s still having an asthma attack everyday after all the medicines they’ve given to her. Everything that the doctor said that my daughter should avoid including chocolates, spicy foods, dust, cigarette smokes, or any smokes that triggers her asthma, we avoided it.

    1. Hi Xhin, I hope you’ll contact Dr. Zeff. He has a very different approach; and the food evaluation he does will give you greater insight about which food is really triggering your daughter’s asthma. I’m so sorry for the worry and trial you’ve all been through. May you find the answer and see great improvement and freedom.

  8. May I ask what homeopathic remedy was used on your daughter? I have a grandson with asthma, and I keep some homeopathic remedies on hand, but have been uncertain which remedy to try for his asthma.

    1. Hi Tammy, our doctor used homeopathy diagnostically, which is different than how it is most often used. So each child would have a different remedy.

  9. You are an incredibly dedicated Mother. Healing one’s own chronic ailments is difficult enough. Naturopaths & Functional Med docs are key to healing the myriad of chronic issues plaguing our communities. Thank you for sharing this healing journey. Healing is not a simple process … its overwhelming, it’s frustrating, and takes an incredible amount of patience. Kudos to you, and your undying perserverance. I wish that more ppl would share similar stories. Thank you … I wish you & your daughter the very best. Health & Happiness Always!

    1. Post

      Thank you for your kindness!! Those were such scary years, actually, when we only had medicine. We kept ending up in Urgent Care. It wasn’t until I met the right naturopathic doctors that we made progress and found healing. It can be scary for many to look beyond medicine, but there are so many insights in different branches of healthcare. Much love to you!!

  10. I have looked at the end of the article and cannot Find Dr. Zeff’s info and phone number. Can you nelp me please?My daughter has a lot of problems with allergies and is very limited in all food groups.
    Thank you

    1. Post

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