Rose bud Hibiscus Tea

ROSE BUD HIBISCUS TEA for depression, constipation, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, immune boosting AND for a record-high dose of antioxidants~ Plus it tastes awesome!

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Better is a relative word.  I have definitely felt BETTER on coffee.  It’s a drug-high-happy.  These flowers aren’t going to do that for you; but neither are they going to drain your adrenals.  They are known to provide a gentle but noticeable lift in your mood and an overall feeling of well-being. FEELING NOT QUITE RIGHT? Experienced a bad night’s sleep, …

Butter Tea Recipe

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Have you heard of Butter Coffee, or its close relative Bulletproof Coffee*?  It’s all the rage among grass-fed butter advocates, as well as those on ketogenic** diets, seeking healing or weight loss.  What I like about Butter Coffee is that blending butter into one’s coffee makes it creamy and you get the health benefits of butter.  The flavor is satisfying …