Beet-Ginger Smoothie

BEET-GINGER Smoothie/Milkshake {Paleo/Primal/GAPS}

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A veggie smoothie never tasted this good. NO fruit. NO green. This one’s bright pink and so. much. fun. Beets are full of fiber and good carbs. They’re excellent for detoxification and for getting the bowels going. They’re great for heart health, high in minerals, and B-complex vitamins.  Beets are low in calories yet provide a gentle yield of energy.  …

Rose Petal-Beet Smoothie

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For those who can’t have fruit or those who want more veggies in a glass, here’s a slushy creamy smoothie that’s a health food treat. Having recently written about the dangers of most green smoothies, one additional point to make is why are greens the only vegetables that gain admittance into smoothies? You have perhaps already found my fruit-free carrot …