Parenting Sick Kids~ Wholesome TV Tricks and Comfort Remedies

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We don’t do much screen time.

We save it as a special treat, for rare nights when we’re all exhausted or for when we’re sick.

Even with infrequent viewing, it’s easy to run out of great programming.  We love the older Disney classics like Mary Poppins and Swiss Family Robinson, as well as incomparable masterpieces like The Sound of Music.  But for common fare we’d rather watch Andy Griffith reruns on Netflix or pull up a Shark Tank from You Tube than watch modern kids’ movies.


That said, we recently enjoyed a new approach, when one of our kids was out for the count with a long flu-bug and needed diverting.  We typed into our search engine topics like these:

  • best ballet clips Russian ballet
  • how to build a log home video
  • how to make a pelt video
  • blacksmithing basics, forge video

What resulted from the searches were these gems:

We were pleased to find short, medium and long videos with quality information that both entertained and educated.  I’m sure you can find lots more in the areas of your kids’ interests. If you do, comment below and share your favorites.

There will always be nights when the standard movie best fits the bill.  There will always be great classics to watch again.  But when you’re coming up dry and don’t want to fill your kids’ minds with nonsense that isn’t remotely edifying or educational, deprive Disney of your vote and go to your computer for You Tube instead.

(One disclaimer~ these kinds of videos on You Tube usually have brief, benign ads you can skip beforehand. But You Tube can show inappropriate images when you least expect it. I always stay with my kids when we’re watching shows or finding a new one.)


Here are several kid-friendly cold and flu remedies*, to relieve symptoms and speed recovery. The recipes are ones my wellness blogging friends have created, that I’m excited to share with you.


Lovely Thyme and Cinnamon tea, with antimicrobial properties, tempting Slippery-Elm-Cocoa/Carob Homemade-Slippery-Elm-Cough-Drops-Recipes-to-Nourish1Candies or delicious Hot Garlic-Ginger Lemonade from Recipes to Nourish.

Elderberry Popsicles! with a nutrient-dense gelatin version from Raising Generation Nourished.

Mineral or Epsom Salt Baths and several other great remedy tips from Raising Generation Nourished. I have personally seen huge transformations in my kids when they are sick and I give them a salt bath: more energy and 50% improvement of symptoms. Here’s my Detox Bath post for further guidance on the duration and ingredients of a healing soak.*

Elderberry Gummy Snacks with immune boosting Echinacea purpurea root from Natural Living Mamma.

Elderberry-Gummies-2Comforting Cold and Flu Tea and cute Elderberry-Ginger-Turmeric Gummies from This Is So Good.

Garlic drops work for ear infections. Here’s a DIY recipe if you’d like to make your own from The Healthy HoneysHere’s a link to my favorite product if you’d rather buy it.

Spiced Berry Immunity Syrup that looks good enough to put on your pancakes! From Mama Rosemary.

Lastly, several excellent tips for understanding colds, flus and fevers from Nurse Sarah at Sensibly Sustainable.

Toddler corner~

Opposed to all screen time or looking for alternatives that promote independent play and interactive imaginative play? Here’s a great article about how to create spaces that foster this, even for sick kids.  The author also reminds us to get books on CD from the library. This has been a great option for our family over the years.

*I am not a healthcare practitioner, nor do I pretend to be, and none of my advice should in any way replace the guidance of a medical professional.