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bowl of paleo keto aip gaps diet copycat cream of wheat porridge

Paleo Porridge {gut-healing, Cream of Wheat copycat, 3 ingredients}

Just like the Cream of Wheat we used to love, but this one's SUPER healthy and grain-free.
Course Breakfast, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword copycat, cream of wheat, keto, paleo, porridge
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 servings
Calories 170kcal
Author Megan
Cost $2


  • whisk


  • 2 scoops (1/4 cup total) gelatin Perfect Supplements brand (see link and discount code in Recipe Notes)
  • 1 Tablespoon slippery elm for Keto & Paleo option; also see link below in Recipe Notes
  • 1-2 Tablespoons tiger nut flour for AIP & Paleo option, depending on how many complex carbs you need and want
  • 1-1/2 cups milk of choice based on your dietary choices: use raw milk or cream (for Primal/Keto) if you can get it; if AIP or Keto, use high-fat coconut milk; if dairy-free Paleo or GAPS, use nut, seed or coconut milk; nutritional data below is for raw milk
  • sweetener of choice optional (I give a link below in Recipe Notes to the stevia I like best for Keto. For AIP, honey or maple syrup, for GAPS, raw honey or stevia. For Paleo, maple sugar, honey, maple syrup or stevia are all good options.)
  • 1 Tablespoon MCT Oil optional (great for the texture, extra energy, Keto diet, burning fat, brain power and more)


  • Place gelatin and slippery elm (for Keto and GAPS) OR gelatin and tigernut flour (for AIP) in large mug or bowl. Whisk to combine. (For me, for just Paleo, I use all three: gelatin, slippery elm and tigernut flour.)
  • Using metal whisk, add 1 cup milk and optional MCT oil, stirring the whole time, to evenly dissolve and moisten the powders. They will begin to thicken, as they absorb the liquid, a lot within the first minute of stirring.
  • Add additional milk to your desired thickness, stirring it in or leaving it on top, depending on how you like to eat porridge, thick or thinner. Leave the porridge unsweetened, or add desired sweetener, to taste.
    I've been making this porridge for years, and only recently when my teenage son starting making it for himself, did I realize that I better share it. This Paleo porridge is very similar in flavor and appearance to Cream of Wheat, but it's, of course, grain-free; and it's comfort-food-delicious! With only 3 ingredients, it whips up in 5 minutes. I love it for an easy dinner or snack, great sleep and its gut-healing benefits. It's Paleo, Keto, AIP and GAPS-friendly. But honestly, even without all these attributes, it's just yummy! Paleo *Copycat Cream of Wheat* Porridge {gut-healing, 3 ingredients, GAPS, Keto, AIP} #paleobreakfast #paleoporridge #paleocereal #ketobreakfast #aipbreakfast #gapsdiet #creamofwheat Porridge is one of the meals I miss, from the foods I used to eat. I used to love oatmeal and polenta and occasionally Cream of Wheat, although it wasn't a staple in our house growing up. I think I discovered the phenomenon of this recipe by accident. I can't completely remember. I am always fiddling with food in new ways, especially when I'm hungry and have a limited diet. This was one happy accident. One caveat: This porridge is cold. I never mind that. The texture and overall experience is just lovely. You can actually eat it warm, if you really prefer that; it works. It changes the texture a bit. Basically you make the base mixture the same way, as instructed in the recipe below, but then the last milk that gets added to the bowl is hot. I've done this before and even added a tablespoon of butter. It's crazy-rich and lovely; the gelatin melts a bit which changes the texture a bit; but it works. Okay, so that brings me to the 3 ingredients in this recipe! I just mentioned gelatin. Yep, it's the key magical player in this recipe (as usual, for me). Interested in some of the other recipes where I've use gelatin in new ways? Here it is in dairy-free frosting; and find it here in GAPS Buttercream Frosting. Find my latest No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cheesecake here. Here I use gelatin in egg-free muffins. And here it is in Bulletproof Hot Chocolate! Learn here Why is Gelatin Good for You?! So gelatin is ingredient number 1! It's great for gut-healing, better bowel movements, improved sleep and detoxification, to name a few benefits. If Paleo, GAPS, Keto: Slippery elm is ingredient number 2! Slippery elm soothes the gut, throat and lungs, helps with both constipation and diarrhea, is high in antioxidants that fight inflammation, and helps with bladder conditions. Read more about slippery elm here. If AIP: Tigernut flour is ingredient number 2. Depending on your healing diet, the recipe has that one ingredient variation. Tigernut flour is high complex carbs, so it's not ideal for Keto. And its starch quality is not okayed by Dr. Natasha for GAPS. BUT it's an excellent complex carb for AIP and full of resistant starch for excellent colon health and microbiome well being. Plus, it tastes like graham cracker crumbs, so it's a totally yummy ingredient. Together, these two ingredients (you choose which two) are gentle healers. Ingredient number 3~ In this recipe we combine them with your favorite high-fat milk of choice. For Keto, some GAPS and Primal folks and me, I like to use raw milk. It's delicious! And Keto folks, you can even use raw cream, if you can get your hands on it. For GAPS, and Paleo dairy-free, use homemade nut or seed milk (ideally soaked for best digestion), or for AIP, high-fat coconut milk. The high fat content of the milk you choose actually helps the amino acids in the gelatin to absorb properly. To sweeten or not to sweeten is up to you. Both ways are great. I really like it plain, super wholesome and comforting. If you add stevia (Keto or GAPS) or honey (GAPS) or maple sugar/syrup (AIP and Paleo option), it becomes comfort food in a new way, a healthy treat, like sweetened oatmeal at breakfast. Find your favorite way. As mentioned, a tablespoon of butter, ghee or coconut oil is extra-rich and a nice variation if you use hot milk at the end. MCT oil is a great addition, because it stirs in creamily to room temperature or cold porridge. I also love the health benefits of MCT oil, and we're using it all the time lately: It gives a surge of lasting energy, it's great for brain power and helps with weight loss. (Find the best MCT oil here.) Regarding stevia, if you haven't already found one you love, I recommend this one. Lastly, if you're Paleo and can have all of these ingredients, then go for it. I make my own porridge with gelatin, slippery elm AND tigernut flour (find all these links at the bottom of the recipe). I use raw milk and/or cream + stevia. My son adds MCT oil and maple syrup to his as well. He's my athlete, needs TONS of food and energy, and this is such a good snack for him after a huge dinner, hahaha: truth! Paleo *Copycat Cream of Wheat* Porridge {gut-healing, 3 ingredients, GAPS, Keto, AIP} #paleobreakfast #paleocereal #paleoporridge #paleocereal #ketobreakfast #aipbreakfast #gapsdiet #creamofwheat #copycat So whether you make yours with just 3 basic ingredients or more of the add-ins... Have 5 minutes and a hankering for something cozy and healthy? Grab your whisk, gelatin and a bowl... :) Paleo *Copycat Cream of Wheat* Porridge {gut-healing, 3 ingredients, GAPS, Keto, AIP} #paleobreakfast #paleocereal #paleoporridge #paleocereal #ketobreakfast #aipbreakfast #gapsdiet #creamofwheat #copycat
  • Allow to sit and thicken 5 minutes. Add more milk and/or sweetener on top, if desired.


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Calories: 170kcal | Carbohydrates: 10g | Protein: 20g | Fat: 23g | Sodium: 4mg