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a bowl of tibetan yak butter tea on a red and yellow towel with a spoon of mineral salt nearby

Butter Tea (with Yak Ghee Butter Tea and Non-Dairy Variations) — Paleo, Primal, Keto, AIP, GAPS, Whole30

Butter Tea, and its non-butter variations, is Paleo, Primal, Keto, AIP, GAPS and Whole30. Enjoy this wonderful, delicious source of antioxidants and polyphenols.
Course Beverage, Breakfast, Side Dish
Cuisine American, Tibetan
Keyword butter, keto, paleo, tea, yak
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 serving
Calories 158kcal
Author Megan
Cost $1.50


  • saucepan
  • blender


  • 1-1/2 cups filtered water
  • 2 servings* dry tea I recommend Pique, or use your favorite.
  • 1 Tablespoon gelatin Use code BEAUTIFUL10 at check out for 10% off your entire order. For some on Keto who wish to avoid protein in the a.m., omit.
  • 1 Tablespoon yak ghee or Kerrygold butter; use coconut oil or MCT oil if you're AIP, Whole30 or dairy-free.
  • sweetener of choice: stevia, to taste, if desired OR honey for Paleo (Omit sweetener for Whole30; do not use stevia for AIP. Use stevia for Keto sweetener, but may be best to exclude stevia when using BPT as you would BPC in the morning.)
  • 1 pinch sea salt


  • Pour the water into a small saucepan. Sprinkle the gelatin evenly over its surface. Wait one minute, or less, for it to dissolve.
  • Heat the water, stirring, until the mixture is steaming but not yet simmering, and the gelatin is fully dissolved. The water may look foamy.
  • Place your Pique tea, tea bag or loose tea into the hot water. (Because Pique's tea is instant crystals, you can actually skip this step with their product, if preferred, and simply place hot water and tea into blender with the next ingredients [Step 5].)
  • Set aside the gelatin water for 5 minutes, to steep and cool slightly.
  • Place the tea (strain first, if loose tea is used), butter (or coconut oil etc.) and sea salt into the blender. Blend for 30 seconds. (Always use caution when blending hot liquids. Start at lowest speed, and increase gradually to medium-high speed. Alternatively, use a stick/immersion blender.)
  • Serve this foamy, creamy treat. Makes two small servings or one big mug of Butter Tea. Sweeten your tea, if desired, to taste.


*2 servings of tea: If you're using Pique brand tea, this means to use two packets, especially if using the black teas. You can use just one packet with Jasmine Green, if preferred. With any other tea brand, yes: Use two tea bags or two times the amount of loose leaf tea. This ratio ensures the correct flavor. This recipe makes two small butter teas, or one large.
*BPT and BPC stand for: Bulletproof Tea and Bulletproof Coffee


Serving: 12ounces | Calories: 158kcal | Protein: 5g | Fat: 15g | Sodium: 19mg