Why to Choose Celtic Sea Salt over Himalayan!

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Years ago, I bought and used Himalayan salt, believing it to be mineral-rich and much better than table salt. Sea salt was what I had been using. I thought the two salts were interchangeable, and because so many people recommend Himalayan, I thought perhaps it was THE superior salt. What happened next and what my doctor (read about him here …

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Water is Not Enough: WHY TO SALT YOUR WATER! And an Electrolyte Drink Recipe

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Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this post. Sea salt is required by our bodies for optimum health.  While we can add it to our food, should we also be adding it to our water?  After exercise, the answer is, Yes. Called Hyponatremia, the Weston A. Price Foundation informs us, Studies have confirmed the …