Bulletproof Hot Chocolate~ Paleo with Resistant Starch and Gelatin {AIP variation: carob and dairy-free alternatives}

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I love making high-protein, gelatin-fortified hot chocolate. Resistant Starch & Gelatin My many variations evolved yet again recently when I decided to add resistant starch (RS) to the mix. Fact is, I can’t get a baked good or prebiotic veggies into my body everyday! Yet I do best (stabilized blood sugar levels and no constipation) when I have a form …

Smashed Potatoes with Resistant Starch

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When we were kids, folks told us that potatoes weren’t healthy. Nor was white rice. Thing is, they didn’t know about resistant starch. Course, potatoes are healthy either way- full of Vitamin C, B6, manganese, folate, iron, phosphorus, potassium, niacin and pantothenic acid, not to mention phytonutrients. In regard to resistant starch, potatoes aren’t born with it. It’s a matter …


WHAT are RESISTANT STARCHES? and What are the best sources?

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Resistant starches (RS) are most notably found in green plantains and certain foods that have been cooked and cooled, like legumes, grains and potatoes.  The starches are called resistant because they resist being digested in the small intestine.  They remain intact to become food for the good flora located in our colon.  This is a great discovery and I’d like …