Lavender Blueberry Switchel

Lavender Blueberry Switchel {probiotics! Paleo, GAPS, AIP}

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My kids literally line up for this healthy probiotic drink, and my husband loves it too. Lavender Blueberry Switchel is the perfect hydrating beverage for summer time, or after physical exertion. It’s SO refreshing, and it’s delicious: The combination of rich berries, flowery herbs, spicy ginger and a few other super foods will have you making this quick treat often this …

Strawberry-Basil Switchel {with probiotics and electrolytes!} Rehydrate, detoxify, entertain, satiate, beautify: this switchel does it all!! It's so pretty, and it's so healthy. You'll love how fast it is to make and how eagerly everyone lines up to try it! #switchel #strawberries #strawberrybasil #basil #electrolytes #probiotics

Strawberry-Basil Switchel {with probiotics!}

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This Strawberry-Basil Switchel will have your friends and family lining up to try some, and then hoping you have more for second helpings! It’s an electrolyte beverage that’s delicious and beautiful too! Switchel is a fermented, thirst-quenching beverage that’s actually fast, easy, rewarding and encouraging to make! And your kids, if you have any, will say, “Can I have more …