A Comprehensive Guide to Thyroid Supplements- Part 2

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I am not a doctor. Please consult your practitioner before changing your supplement or healthcare regimen. Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this post.  Welcome to Part 2 in the series on supporting the thyroid with supplements. Read Part 1 here. And read the original article, Top 5 Supplements for Hashimoto’s, here. All three …

A Comprehensive Guide to Thyroid Supplements {Hashimoto's/hypothyroid}

A Comprehensive Guide to Thyroid Supplements- Part 1

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The thyroid’s chief role in the endocrine system is to regulate the metabolism. This is why those with hypothyroidism, or a sluggish thyroid, tend to struggle with weight gain and/or low energy levels. Yet our bodies’ ability to break down food and turn it into energy can be supported with well-chosen supplements. That’s the purpose of this post. Which supplements …

Thyroid Anti-Inflammatory Energy Tea

Thyroid Anti-Inflammatory Energy Tea

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When we talk about supporting the thyroid it’s important to note that every body is different. Autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s are complex. While different approaches are required for each patient, there are some general principles that will benefit the thyroid and immune system of most patients. Of course, reducing inflammation is one of these principles. This Thyroid Anti-inflammatory Energy Tea …