AIP Biscuits

AIP Biscuits {and Paleo} egg-free | nut-free | dairy-free

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Everyone is entitled to eat biscuits. When the biscuits are healthy, so much the better. Made with Otto’s Cassava Flour, these comfort-food-beauties offer great complex carbs and resistant starch; and the recipe also contains some brain-boosting amino acids — a bit of protein to ground blood sugar levels. Great alongside any meal, if you’re AIP you’ll be so happy to …

AIP "Chicken and Biscuits" Chicken Pot Pie {egg-free, Paleo, autoimmune protocol} #aipcasserole #aipdinner #aipbiscuits #aipchicken #aipchickenpotpie #paleobiscuits #paleoeggfree #paleocasserole #paleochickenpotpie

AIP “Chicken and Biscuits” Chicken Pot Pie {egg-free, Paleo, autoimmune protocol}

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We’ve been eating a lot of egg-free, AIP biscuits lately. My family loves pastry dough of every kind: fat cut into grain-free flour and baked to be soft in the middle, flaky on the outside. My family also loves casseroles, and we like to top a classic chicken pot pie with our biscuit dough. This recipe also features a lovely …