Turns out, cocoa butter coffee makes an amazingly fine foam. So creamy, luscious, lovely. Oh mercy~ Sunday pleasure! I actually videoed the cup of Joe after it had been poured into a clear mug because I couldn't believe its behavior: a swirling magical business kept moving as the fine foam settled into its new home, seriously beautiful and surprising!

Cocoa Butter decaf. Coffee {GAPS, Paleo, dairy-free}

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Nothing says, Sunday to me like Butter Coffee, (aka Bulletproof Coffee). I used to make Butter Tea (and still do on occasion); but as my gut healed, and I was able to tolerate coffee again, I found the flavor of coffee much more restful and delicious. I have always loved dark brews and decaf. coffee satisfies! (I do avoid caffeine, …


COCOA BUTTER Pound Cake {dairy-free!, Paleo, GAPS, flourless}

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The main reason to make Cocoa Butter Pound Cake is that it’s delicious! Like, it’s hard to stop eating it. It’s also dairy-free, yet tastes better than butter (hardly possible, I know). It’s awesome for those of us on Paleo, GAPS or even nut-free diets, but can also be made with a beautiful streusel topping. It’s flourless and grain-free. Lastly, …