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AIP “Chicken and Biscuits” Chicken Pot Pie {egg-free, Paleo, autoimmune protocol}

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We’ve been eating a lot of egg-free, AIP biscuits lately. My family loves pastry dough of every kind: fat cut into grain-free flour and baked to be soft in the middle, flaky on the outside. My family also loves casseroles, and we like to top a classic chicken pot pie with our biscuit dough. This recipe also features a lovely …

Top 7 AIP Holiday Side Dishes {Autoimmune Protocol~ only the best recipes chosen for you!}

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I may receive a commission if you purchase through links in this post. Sometimes it’s nice to have 50 recipes to choose from, but my goal with this post is to really help you by only providing a few great recipes! They’re all AIP, autoimmune protocol, that’s the point! So they’re going to be exciting, rich and delicious, but they’re …