This is a dehydrator recipe. By dehydrating, instead of baking, we are preserving the resistant starch present in green plantains. Resistant starch is a prebiotic; it feeds probiotics and is excellent for colon health! Since when have you eaten a Dorito and felt great about what you're doing for your body? The green plantain gives you that gift!

Taco-Spiced Chips or Curry Crackers (made from Green Plantains for Resistant Starch)

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Just before placing your trays of plantain puree (see original recipe) into the dehydrator, use one (or both, on separate trays) of the spice blends below to season the puree. See the instructions below. For the curried crackers, this is an organic curry blend I like. Or use one that you have already. I don’t make my own curry powder …