Grain-free Tortillas

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These tortillas are enjoyed in our home mainly in three ways. They make great quesadillas with aged cheese, like a grain-free whole wheat tortilla substitute. We use them with Ethiopian stew, like a good teff pancake. And we make enchiladas with them, a grain-free stand-in for corn tortillas. They’re versatile and delicious! My kids’ request is to make giant burritos …

The goal is to reduce one's carbon footprint, not by going vegan or vegetarian, (because our bodies are obviously omnivorous by design), but by eating insects.


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Yes, cricket flour, flour made from dried crickets. It’s a good thing! My big sister Jill told me about cricket flour a year or two ago, after hearing about it on NPR, I think? I was on board immediately.  As long as it tastes good, one, and two, what are they feeding the crickets? Because what they feed the bugs …