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Water is Not Enough: WHY TO SALT YOUR WATER! And an Electrolyte Drink Recipe

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Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this post. Sea salt is required by our bodies for optimum health.  While we can add it to our food, should we also be adding it to our water?  After exercise, the answer is, Yes. Called Hyponatremia, the Weston A. Price Foundation informs us, Studies have confirmed the …


How to Get Grounded and WHAT IS GROUNDING?

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I counsel clients about how to create useful and decidedly good recipes while on healing diets, so their new dietary lifestyles feel easier.  In the process of sharing food, I often share my experiences with healing techniques, because diet alone is not usually enough to bring complete healing.  I am passionate about a handful of remedies, the ones that have …

How and When to Use a Steam Tent- from Asthma to Coughs to Ear Infections and Sinus Infections, Steam Tents Work!

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I have lots of experience with getting through a night of coughing– my daughter’s coughing.  Laying awake listening to her cough, not sleeping.  Getting up with her.  Talking to the naturopathic doctor in the middle of the night. My daughter’s now 16.  But from the time when she was teeny her colds’ “go-tos” were her lungs and a cough.  She …

Saffron Milk Tea is an Indian healing tea, and one that I wish to share with you, a nourishing version that includes raw milk, (although I include a dairy-free version). It is wonderful to drink before bed to help with depression and insomnia.

Saffron Milk Tea: A Recipe for Depression and General Wellness

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Saffron Milk Tea is an Indian healing beverage. This nourishing version includes raw milk, (although I include a dairy-free variation).  It is wonderful to drink before bed to help with depression and insomnia.  The elixir has a lovely flavor, floral and tea-like. See if it helps to bring general wellness to your life… SAFFRON’S HISTORY AND USES The filaments of …

Rose bud Hibiscus Tea

ROSEBUD HIBISCUS TEA (depression, constipation, anxiety, immune and more)

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Rosebud Hibiscus Tea tastes awesome, but as with all herbal teas, there’s more: it treats depression, constipation, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes; it provides immune boosting AND a record-high dose of antioxidants. Will it help you feel better? Better is a relative word.  I have definitely felt BETTER on coffee.  It’s a drug-high-happy.  These flowers aren’t going to do that for you; …


Why you NEED to know about Fulvic/Ionic Minerals- Don’t Miss This Health Tip!

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When the multi-vitamin & mineral supplements of the 1980’s and 90’s are no longer the way to go, what are great naturopathic doctors now suggesting? WHY ADD ANY SUPPLEMENT TO YOUR DIET? Perhaps you have heard it said that our soil is no longer as rich in minerals as it once was, due to the use of pesticides and fertilizers?  …

SHOP & RESOURCES- Affiliate Links for Readers & Recipe Counselor Clients

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The following items have been a huge help to me in my path toward healing and optimum health.  Please consult a doctor before choosing which supplements are right for you and for proper dosage.  This page contains affiliate links which allow me to make a teeny commission, with no extra charge to the customer.  Thank you for helping to support …

What natural sweetener helps to heal Pinkeye?

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When I get run down I have a GREAT throat spray, which I buy at our local health food store.  It’s made with elderberries and it keeps me from getting sick.  It’s amazing stuff.  (If you’re interested it can be ordered here: Elderberry Red Root Throat Spray.) Recently, however, a cold was set on getting me.  If the virus couldn’t get its …

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Just the Basics Regarding Essential Oils

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I’m grateful that over the last several months I’ve begun to learn about essential oils, how to use them and just how effective they can be.  A blog associate wrote this recent article about essential oils that says a lot that needs to be said about them. I’d like to share it with you here.  I hope it answers many …

Vital Proteins Gelatin

Another Brand of Grass-fed Gelatin Worth Knowing About

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Many of us in the whole food, healing community have felt that Great Lakes brand gelatin has been a life changing product.  Making natural gelatin products, often dessert oriented, but with healing properties, is a win-win. There in another grass-fed product that I only recently learned of, that I’d also like to share with you. What I really like about …