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Everyone On Your List 2019 — HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE {eco-friendly & health-conscious}

I may receive a commission if you purchase through links in this post. I am not a doctor; please consult your practitioner before changing your supplement or healthcare regimen.

Enjoy twenty of my favorite gift ideas — all eco-friendly and/or health conscious. These gifts are designed to restore, bring joy or make someone happy. These gift ideas are categorized by functionality: wellness, kitchen, cozy apparel and kids/teens.

gifts for 2019 on a white background

Why online shopping?

Perhaps like you, I don’t enjoy department stores. Or malls. I do love little locally owned shops, and supporting artisans from impoverished countries. But mostly, I shop online.

Like you, I shop online because it’s easy, because I have kids that I carpool around, A LOT. For my mental health I don’t stop at several in-town locations to find 15 loving gifts. But I DO love buying for my loved ones. I love it. So online is what works for me, for about 75% of my gifts.

Here I share with you gifts I’ve purchased for my loved ones, and gifts that are on my personal Wish List. I hope you enjoy these choices, and that some of them are helpful as you shop for loved ones, or add to your own wish list.

Beautiful Wellness Gifts

  1. Health first, as always. This DefenderPad is one I’ve owned for 3 years. I am more sensitive than some: I can’t even hold my phone without it affecting my hand. But the pad allows me to work on my computer many hours every day. While EMF exposure is hard to avoid, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from EMF radiation and heat. Also consider this EMF protective blanket, great for moms and babies.
  2. 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases contain 18 amino acids which have the ability to fire fine molecules, also known as “Sleep Factors”— touted to improve sleep quality and slow aging. Silk pillowcases are as lovely as they are healthful.
  3. This cork and natural rubber yoga mat is the pinnacle of yoga mats. Non-slip, totally natural materials, tested and loved by pros, what an amazing gift for someone who loves to stretch and work out on the floor.
  4. Enjoy the unique healing effects of Wholetones frequencies! This sound healing comes in the form of a Christmas CD. Whether or not you’ve heard of healing frequencies, I think you’ll love this approach to wellness and joy. Find Wholetones Christmas Volume 1 here.
  5. After learning the value of essential oils first hand, I also learned not to leave home without them. I tried that once and SO regretted it. I use essential oils daily for scrapes, easy breathing, immune boosting, germ killing, bug bites and more. Those situations arise whether I am home or away. This little leather bag holds six bottles (perfect for traveling) and fits even in my purse. I also like this little wool bag for toiletries and EO bottles. A thoughtful gift for an EO lover in your life.

Beautiful Kitchen Gifts

  1. Anyone in your life without a spiralizer yet? This is the one to get, and I’ve purchased and tried out the three leading brands! Paderno brand wins. We love noodles for dinner, and our digestion after eating veggie noodles!
  2. For a really special big gift, who doesn’t want a stainless steel dehydrator? It’s on my Wish List, as our old plastic one died. I love that this one is not only metal, but offers 1000W of power (or see the 600W for less money). An amazing gift.
  3. Been longing for a cheesecake pan that isn’t non-stick? I’ve been waiting YEARS for this product to be developed: a stainless steel cheesecake pan with no coating! This one also fits in the Instant Pot, so it’s a fun accessory gift for someone who loves using their IP.
  4. My mom spoiled me with beautiful cookware when I was young, and exposed me to All-Clad after I got married. If you’re looking for a very special gift for someone who loves cooking, this saucepan is the cream of the crop and will be well loved and appreciated over the years.
  5. Looking for a quality but affordable gift for someone who loves to bake? Share this cast iron loaf pan.

Beautiful Clothing

  1. Enjoy a huge selection of 100% organic clothing from PACT. If you shop through this link you will get 20% off your first order. I just bought several gifts: sweatshirts, cozy shorts, a sweater, a long-sleeve t-shirt and pants.
  2. My son and I bought this scarf for my husband a few years ago Christmas, and we all love it still. Especially me. 🙂 He looks SO handsome in it. We decided to splurge and buy the best one. It’s Irish lambswool and is absolutely beautiful. I actually like Tim in a bit of pink, so we bought the green one with bright pink stripes. I’m not sure you all feel the same way, so I link to a different one above. But be reassured this is a beautiful scarf, whichever color scheme you choose, for a man in your life. (Acrylic scarves are so common these days; it feels excellent to purchase quality wool.)
  3. A little girl in your life? I love love this gift: a 100% organic cotton Sweater Cape with Fur Hood, all in bright red. 🙂

Beautiful Kids’ Gifts…Including Teens

Perhaps you know about me that I LOVE books. Other than long walks and beautiful outdoor brunch moments, my favorite thing to do is to read books aloud with our children. It is here that kids learn empathy. They learn about the world, and its people. They learn vocabulary. They dream and imagine. And they bond with the person reading to them. And me, well, I feel these same things. I love the wisdom and emotional truths, as well as the humor and beauty conveyed in children’s books. I share with you here not only some of my favorites but ones that kids love to receive. The first two are treasured in our home by my sons.

  1. Any of the Harry Potter new illustrated editions: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 or Book 4. Even my teenage son still saves up to buy these for himself. The artwork is incredible, and the writing, of course, is magical.
  2. Here’s another book, Magyk (Septimus Heap, Book 1), that I loved reading to our 7-year-old son. It’s SO exciting, even the teenagers and I loved it. The whole series is good. Similarly entertaining and unpredictable, right now we’re reading and loving the Bartimaeus Series to our 10 and 16-year-old sons.
  3. For younger children: One Morning in Maine is idyllic. The illustrations are incomparable. It makes us appreciate slower ways, slow food, family and community. Corgiville Fair is written by the incomparable Tasha Tudor. It’s got humor, surprises, and fun galore. The illustrations are spectacular and will have you looking closely at the details even after 15 readings.
  4. America’s Test Kitchen has come out with a very high quality how-to cookbook for kids. I’m impressed by this book! It’s fun and does a great job at teaching kids how to cook. (Not Paleo, but for a family that eats real food.)
  5. Looking for a fun and exciting gift?! Well, this one’s plastic, which isn’t my usual recommendation, but if you feel okay about the occasional game that isn’t eco-friendly, this nerf gun is a great choice. We purchased these a few years ago and have hours of family fun chasing each other around our house and outside too. These guns are affordable enough to buy for more than one person, for family bonding! SUPER fun for all ages, these are the best nerf guns out there.

Household joy

  1. If you’re old fashioned enough to still buy audio CDs (we are!!), this is one of my favorite Christmas albums! Have you heard Zooey Deschanel’s voice in the movie Elf? Well, this is her two-man band, and she’s got a lovely, timeless sound.
  2. Looking to give a bit of a tropical vacation to someone? This Bohemian hammock is beautiful and restful.

What do you love this year? What gift(s) are you excited to give?

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  1. This is such a fun list! I ordered books 1-7 of Harry Potter for my oldest for Christmas. I know she’s going to be so excited about it. Love how thoughtful all of these ideas are.

    1. Oh, yay, Emily!! I hope she snuggles close to you when she starts the 4th book. I read that one when I was pregnant with our first child, and it felt so scary to me. My kids kind of laugh at me, though; I’m sure she’ll be fine. 😉

  2. Thanks for putting this list together, Megan! Excellent ideas. We are very alike. I would rather support small business whenever possible and purchase less but higher quality items as budget permits. What’s a gift if not a little splurge? Love that scarf you bought your beloved and yes, it suits him. I’m sure I’ve seen a picture with him sporting it!
    Yes, would appeal to many ages.
    I love that dehydrator and delight in its efficiency and ability to transform food.
    LOVE the list.. Will share on my page. Love to you and your family, always. C

    1. Yay!! Super fun to hear! I often ask my youngest son to spiralize for me, which makes dinner really fast to make, and he enjoys it. 🙂

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