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80+ Keto & Low Carb Condiments, Toppings, Dressings & Sauces

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80+ Keto & Low Carb Condiments, Toppings, Dressings & Sauces is a great resource for all your low carb cooking! I am so impressed by the beautiful photographs and recipes: mayos, bbq sauces, marinades, salsa, dips, salad dressings, breakfast sauces (savory and sweet), cheesy sauces, copycat sauces (which I call junk-food-gone-healthy), dessert sauces and more!

Just Pin or bookmark this post, and come back to it every time you need a sauce, topping, condiment or dressing to make your Keto cooking special! Enjoy these flavorful condiments and the pizzazz they add to your meals!

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Keto Sauce History

What is the origin of sauces? Aioli actually dates back to 1st century Rome! Interestingly, sauces were first developed in the early days of preparing meat, before preservation techniques became more sophisticated, to mask mild spoilage. Sauces were devised to make foods more appetizing and delicious, and thus to make them digest better.

Romans of the 3rd century felt no meal was complete without highly flavorful toppings, herbs and stocks added to them. Therefore, sauces evolved to not just functional roles. Sauces became beloved in their own right! Who doesn’t love added flavor, creaminess and moisture when it comes to a great meal?!

With this post, you can take simple Keto ingredients or a more complex recipe you love and heighten its appeal, beauty and nutrition. Of course, toppings are extra well suited to the Keto diet, where fat is our friend. So bring on the rich sauces and condiments!


white jar with spoon filled with spicy mayo keto

Best Spicy Mayo (for Sushi and Beyond)

Basic Mayo

5-Minute Mayonnaise

Easy Remoulade Sauce (perfect for crab cakes, shrimp and certain sandwiches)

Classic French Remoulade Sauce (great for red meat, fish and celery root salad)

Italian Mayonnaise

Keto Garlic Aioli

Roasted Red Pepper Garlic Aioli

BBQ sauces

BBQ-sauce keto in clear jar with gold spoon to one side

Chipotle BBQ Sauce

15-Minute BBQ Sauce

Smoky Keto BBQ Sauce

Alabama White BBQ Sauce

South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

Carolina BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork

Cranberry Kansas City BBQ Sauce

SALAD Dressings

yellow dressing in white dish with spoon keto

Raspberry Basil Vinaigrette

Fresh Herb Vinaigrette

Magic Blender Dressing: Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette

Creamy Garlic Italian Dressing

Avocado Green Goddess Dressing

Vegan Ranch Dressing

Zingy Avocado Dressing

Five Minute Creamy Ranch Dressing

Buffalo Ranch Dressing

Creamy-Thick Avocado Lime Dressing

BREAKFAST Sauces (Savory and Sweet)

white small pitcher pouring blender keto hollandaise sauce into small dish

Foolproof Blender Hollandaise Sauce

Sriracha Hollandaise Sauce

Sausage Gravy

Cream Gravy

10-Minute Country Gravy

Eggs in Purgatory Sauce (Omit onion to reduce carbs more, and add high fat pork sausage.)

Keto Maple Syrup

Keto Thick and Sticky Maple Syrup

Blueberry Syrup

COPYCAT (Junk Food Gone Healthy) Sauces

chick fil a sauce in white dish keto

Copycat Chick Fil A Sauce

Copycat Swiss Chalet Sauce

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Sauce (a different copycat version)


cheese sauce being poured from a pyrex dish onto veggies for a keto side dish

Low Carb Spiced Cheese Sauce

Dairy-free Instant Pot Queso

Easy Lemon Cheese Sauce for Veggies

Cashew Cheese and Cheese Sauce (dairy-free)

Basic Keto Cheese Sauce (with Cream Cheese)

Basic Keto Blender Cheese Sauce (without Cream Cheese)

Alfredo Sauce


salsa verde in white bowl as a keto condiment

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Spicy Salsa Verde

Keto Pico De Gallo

Pico de Gallo con Avo (with avocado!)

Roasted Tomato and Chili Pepper Salsa

Cucumber Salsa with Fresh Tomatoes

Keto Fresh Herbs Salsa Verde

PICKLES and Similar Condiments

clear jar of pickle jalapenos keto

Fermented Cilantro-Lime Jalapeños

Brussels Sprouts Pickles

Cauliflower Pickles with Turmeric

Fire and Ice Cucumber Pickles

Easy Lacto-Fermented Dill Pickles

Simple No-Pound Sauerkraut

Kimchi (Just leave the carrots out of this recipe, or replace them with daikon radish.)

DIPS and SAUCES (for Breads, Meats and Veggie Pasta)

tahini paste in small clear bowl that can be used for a keto topping

Homemade Tahini Paste

Easy Peanut Sauce

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Easy 3-Minute Pizza Sauce

Easy Marinara Sauce

Tangy Cream Cheese Veggie Dip

Dairy-free Pesto

Lemon Butter Sauce

Low Carb Tomato Jam with Bacon


chimichurri in white bowl keto


Fermented Cilantro Chimichurri

Lemon Butter Sauce 3 Ways

Chicken Marinade for Grilling

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Marinade

Steak Marinade for Grilling

12 Compound Butters (flavored butters for topping meat)


keto raspberry sauce in white bowl with fresh raspberries nearby

Raspberry Sauce

Dairy-free Vanilla Custard (Sauce or Cup Custard)

Low-Carb Custard Sauce

Creamy Lemon Dessert Sauce

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Topping

3-Ingredient Keto Caramel Sauce

4-Ingredient Sugar-free Caramel Sauce

3-Ingredient Pourable Chocolate Sauce

Hot Fudge Sauce

5 keto low carb toppings and sauces


Which Keto topping will you make first?!

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  1. The fella eats a Keto diet and he is big on sauces. It really helps make a meal feel more indulgent and fun when you’re limiting carbs. This is such a great list to help shake things up!

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