10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins

10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins (PLUS recipe!)

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A lot of folks now know what bulletproof coffee is; hurray for that! The nutrition and deliciousness of bulletproofs has modified my morning ritual for the better! I even make bulletproof hot chocolates most mornings for my boys. And we make them at our Paleo cafe.

I always make mine decaf. And that’s one of the beauties of bulletproof coffee: we can, each of us, modify the hot, cozy, comforting beverage to suit our own needs and tastes.

For those of you who don’t know, bulletproof coffee is simply great quality, fair trade coffee with (usually) coconut oil and butter blended in for a creamy and healthy outcome.

Fat: what does it add to coffee?– both creaminess and nourishment.

But it’s rare that I can stop just there. I thought it might be helpful, as this has been a drink of passion for me for years now, if I share with you the 10 best add-ins– what else to add besides fat. As long as you’re blending, why not throw in one more healthy thing, to make it that much better?

Let’s start at the beginning, with just the basics:

10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins

Coconut Oil

This is really where it started: let’s speed up the metabolism, slow the digestion of caffeine, increase the yield of energy to both brain and body, increase one’s intake of medium chain triglycerides, why don’t we? Yes, coconut oil does all that and more, as well as making coffee creamy, when blended. Coconut oil is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial, helping to keep you well and to maintain or gain the right floral gut balance. (Get 10% off this coconut oil at checkout by using code BEAUTIFUL10.)

Use 1 tablespoon coconut oil for every mug of bulletproof.

Butter or Ghee

You’ll not relate, I think, when I tell you that I put 5-6 pats of butter on my high-protein waffle each morning, and then somehow yield to the love even further by adding it to my decaf coffee blend. But there you have it: Kerrygold or homemade A2, grass-fed butter are my forever friends. They leave me satisfied and bless my body by providing hard to find nutrition: vitamins D3, A, E and K2, selenium, healthy saturated fat for good blood sugar and energy levels, short and medium chain fatty acids, antioxidants and immune boosting conjugated linoleic acid. For those who can tolerate dairy, butter is a true health food, and it makes bulletproofs creamy.

Use 1 tablespoon grass-fed, A2 butter for every mug of bulletproof. I like Kerrygold brand best.

Fair-trade Cocoa

What’s not to love about a mocha? I’m sorry to turn a happy thought into a sober one; but please do remember that chocolate and cocoa MUST be designated fair trade to not support child slave labor. We’re adopting a child from Africa ourselves, and this is a real issue. I’d MUCH rather spend three times as much! on cocoa to support a company that protects than ignore the sale and abuse of humans. Please care, too, and buy a cocoa like this one that supports its workers and sustains the environment. (Remember this issue, too, at Halloween. Companies like Hershey’s that sell bulk Halloween candy have “put off” their human rights violations with no change to their abuses now expected until 2020, a major postponement despite their revealed guilt going back to 2000. The audacity, greed and lack of empathy is staggering and heart-breaking. Mars, Nestle and others are also guilty. Choose to bring this issue to your consciousness and budget. Thanks!)

How much? Start by adding 1 tablespoon fair trade cocoa powder (non-Dutch processed) to each mug of bulletproof. (See recipe below! 🙂 )


MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides. They get broken down in the body into fatty acids that are actually digested in the liver! This means they can’t and aren’t stored as fat; rather they’re used as fuel by the body immediately: fuel for the brain and the body! The end result of consuming MCT oil is a decrease in body fat, an increased metabolism and more energy.

Use 1 tablespoon MCT oil in place of coconut oil for every mug of bulletproof.

Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is often used to treat stomach issues like gastritis. It contains mucilage, which is a gel-like polysaccharide. This substance coats the intestines and gives the herb its name. For those who may lack adequate mucosal lining, due to leaky gut, slippery elm provides this protective barrier. However, the herb is not only protective. It’s also high in antioxidants that fight inflammation. And, added bonus, slippery elm is a prebiotic food; (it’s consumed in the colon by probiotics, creating a healthier gut ecosystem). You can buy slippery elm powder HERE.

Use 1 tablespoon slippery elm for every mug of bulletproof.

10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins (PLUS recipe!)-- These are SO yummy! We drink bulletproof coffee about 6 days a week, super satisfying, fun and delicious! A favorite morning ritual!

Lavender or Peppermint Essential Oil

These are lovely flavor options. Regarding safety, when essential oils are blended with warmed fat the fat serves as a carrier oil, evenly homogenizing and distributing the power of the herbs. Only 1 drop of essential oil is needed in the blender for 1-3 servings. I buy this lavender and this peppermint essential oil.

Make a lavender mocha or a peppermint latte or a peppermint hot chocolate…lots of flavor variations to try! And here’s a coffee-free bulletproof steamer with lavender, warmed milk (non-dairy option) and cocoa butter– such a special bulletproof option.


As you may know, cinnamon is excellent for blood sugar levels and the metabolism— so it’s a great compliment to bulletproofs, which can have a similar effect, toning down the jolt that caffeine often otherwise provides, instead making the surge of energy more gradual and lasting, even helping with weight loss. Cinnamon is also delicious in coffee with hints of Turkey and Vienna.

Use up to 1 teaspoon cinnamon for every mug of bulletproof.

Gelatin or Collagen

One of these two heroes is in every bulletproof drink we enjoy, each morning. They’re so easy to add to the blender. They help to set up our blood sugar for the whole day, by adding a hefty dose of protein to our breakfast, and they create a really fine foam when blended, which adds to the gourmet experience. If you’d like to read more about gelatin and it’s many health benefits, go here. It’s great for hair, nails, gut healing, skin and so much more. (You can buy collagen discounted here and gelatin discounted here. Use code BEAUTIFUL10 at checkout.)

Use 1-2 tablespoons gelatin or collagen for every mug of bulletproof. (Leftover gelatin bulletproof coffee ends up being a nice treat to eat with a spoon, as it hardens up like a firm pudding.)

Paleo Chocolate Protein Powder

I first learned of this protein powder from Chris Kresser, a functional medical practitioner whose writings I often read. I tried it for our family, especially for my teenage son, because Chris mentioned it increases athletic performance and recovery. I also found it reduces belly fat because it contains MCT oil! I love the flavor and even add it to homemade ice cream recipes. In bulletproofs it also makes the loveliest, creamy texture. Highly recommended. (Get it here.)

Start by using 1/2 a scoop protein powder for every mug of bulletproof.

Cocoa Butter

This fat is my baby! By that I mean I love it and have worked with cocoa butter admiringly for years. It’s a personal favorite in the kitchen– so delicious and healthy, yet under-discovered and used. Although I can eat butter and my daughter can eat coconut oil, neither of us can have the other. (Does that make sense?) So when I make bulletproofs for the whole family cocoa butter solves the problem: we can both have it. And it is SO. DELICIOUS! It yields a super creamy, chocolatey bulletproof. Health-wise, cocoa butter boasts healthful saturated fat, lots of antioxidants! and a long shelf life. I buy my fair trade cocoa butter here.

Use approximately 1 tablespoon cocoa butter for every mug of bulletproof. It can be hard to measure solidified cocoa butter, so just guess about how many pieces would fill a tablespoon. Too much won’t hurt! Use in place of either coconut oil or butter.

10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins


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10 Best Bulletproof Coffee Add-ins
Bulletproof Coffee
Double, triple or quadruple this recipe to accommodate number of guests.
Servings: 1 mug of bulletproof coffee
Author: Megan
  • 12-16 ounces coffee fair trade and fresh
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil or MCT oil
  • 1 Tablespoon butter grass-fed and A2, such as Kerrygold brand
  • optional add-ins fair-trade cocoa, slippery elm, cinnamon, gelatin or collagen, lavender or mint essential oils (not with cinnamon option), protein powder, cocoa butter
  • 1 pinch sea salt for minerals and best flavor
  1. Add to blender coconut oil and butter.
  2. Add any additional optional ingredients, as desired, plus pinch of sea salt.
  3. Pour hot coffee into blender.
  4. Start blender at lowest speed setting. Use caution when blending hot liquids.
  5. Blend coffee 12 seconds, increasing speed to medium.
  6. Serve.

What about sweetener?

That’s up to you! As with the other ten options bulletproofs may be catered to your tastes and your health goals. In our cafe our customers really vary: some ask for the traditional no sweetener, others ask for a teeny bit of stevia and still others ask for a teaspoon of honey. For bulletproof mochas at our cafe we use coconut sugar. At home I use a combination of pure maple syrup and stevia whenever I add cocoa (which is often). But I do love my coffee without sweetener. So it’s up to you!

What do you love in your coffee? What will you try adding to your bulletproofs?

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    1. Thank you, Carrie! So true. I can’t resist mine with cocoa and butter, but I’m SO thankful I can add in something so healthy like gelatin each day!

    1. It’s so good, Hannah. It’s a fun surprise for my boys when they don’t know it’s coming and a great way to change it up, since we have them daily.

  1. I use the Brain Octane from Bulletproof and coconut milk in my coffee! Ilove the idea of adding the slippery elm or other add ins for extra nourishment! Thank you for the great options to choose from!

  2. I am all about the bulletproof hot chocolate and I can’t wait to make some now! I have been adding in slippery elm lately and have really been enjoying that. Love all of these nourishing add-ins!

  3. I love this and am going the share because when I first started paleo I could not find decent recipes, and to have this shoring alternatives is fantastic! great one Emily! xx D

  4. Nice add ins list! I always do a little butter and mct…
    My go to add in is gelatin but I might have to try some slippery elm!

  5. As a bulletproof coffee fan, I am loving all these ideas. I often add cinnamon to mine, and almost always collagen powder, but I’d like to try some essential oils. Lavender sounds divine!

    1. Wonderful Irena! We just had the lavender variation again yesterday; and even my boys said, Mmmm! Hard not to! Enjoy. 🙂

    1. Great, Darryl! You can also bulletproof hot tea, if and when you drink it. The fat blended in ads a different dimension nutritionally, and it’s satisfying in a different way, too. 🙂

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