Everyone On Your List 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone On Your List 2016– HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

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I may receive a commission if you purchase through links in this post. I am not a doctor; please consult your practitioner before changing your supplement or healthcare regimen.

Many of you know a bit about me. I’ve written about myself, my health and our family. Perhaps, then, you can guess about me?…

…That I do not enjoy department stores. Or malls. I do love little locally owned shops, and supporting artisans from impoverished countries. But mostly– I shop online.

Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this post.

Because it’s easy. Because I have kids that I carpool around, A LOT.

I don’t contain within my parameters of sanity the desire or ability to stop at several locations to find 15 loving gifts.

But I DO love buying for my loved ones. I love it. So online is what works for me, for about 75% of my gifts.

Here I share with you gifts I’ve purchased for my loved ones, and gifts that are on my personal Wish List. I hope you enjoy these choices, and that some of them are helpful as you shop for loved ones, or add to your own wish list.

I have not categorized these gift ideas by gender, but rather by functionality: wellness, kitchen, cozy apparel and kids/teens.

Beautiful Wellness Gifts

  1. Health first, as always. This DefenderPad is on my wish list. It’s something I’ve wanted to purchase for a couple of years, but just haven’t yet. Protect yourself or your loved ones from EMF radiation and heat.
  2. After learning the value of essential oils first hand, I also learned not to leave home without them. I tried that once and SO regretted it. I use them daily for scrapes, easy breathing, immune boosting, germ killing, bug bites and more. And those situations arise whether I’m home or away. I love this little handmade case for them. And here’s a different style, to keep the bottles safe and organized.
  3. When it comes to diffusing essential oils the first diffuser I purchased has worked great, but it’s plastic. I have wondered why such health-minded businesses (as essential oil companies) consider plastic attractive to look at or appropriate from a sustainability perspective. So I never purchased a second one, even though I’d love to diffuse essential oils in more than one room of our house. These two are now on my wish list: this one’s glass and super pretty; and this one’s wood and also lovely. Both get excellent reviews.
  4. One of my favorite gift suggestions this year is a konjac sponge set. It’s such a pretty and loving gift, yet affordable and practical. These are wonderful for washing one’s face and keeping skin healthy. I was given a sponge recently accompanied by a beautiful raw beeswax candle. I take detox baths often, and love to turn off the lights, using my relaxing candle and sponge.

Beautiful Kitchen Gifts

  1. I firmly believe that waffles are more pleasurable than pancakes, (although I do love pancakes). You might disagree. But here are my arguments: waffles do not require standing by the stove. The iron does most of the work, so the cook can relax more on a Sunday morning, instead of standing and flipping. Waffles are special, always. They invite toppings and beautiful toppings: whipped cream, yogurt, ice cream, berries, but they’re also great with butter and syrup; and leftovers are versatile, even reheating in a toaster oven. Here’s a newer model with a ceramic coating, which lasts. This is the waffle iron on my List. What a fun gift to receive!
  2. For a really special big gift, who doesn’t want an Excalibur Deluxe Dehydrator? It’s on my Wish List, as our old plastic one died. I love that this one is not only metal, but if any parts stop working they are easy to replace. Read the reviews; they’re rave. An amazing gift.

Beautiful Clothing

  1. I’m in the market for a new, wool, handmade hat, one that’s lined, so it’s not itchy. Is there someone on your list who would love this too? This one’s made by artisans in Nepal and comes in many beautiful colors. Even teenagers will love this gift, as beanie hats are cool. 😉
  2. My then-12-year-old son and I bought this scarf for my husband last year for Christmas, and we all love it. Especially me. 🙂 He looks SO handsome in it. We decided to splurge and buy the best one. It’s Irish lambswool and is absolutely beautiful. I actually like Tim in a bit of pink, so we bought the green one with bright pink stripes. I’m not sure you all feel the same way, so I link to a different one above. But be reassured this is a beautiful scarf, whichever color scheme you choose, for a man in your life. (Acrylic scarves are so common these days; it feels excellent to purchase quality wool.)

Beautiful Kids’ Gifts…Including Teens and Technology

Perhaps you know about me that I LOVE books. Other than long walks and beautiful outdoor brunch moments, my favorite thing to do is to read books aloud with our children. It is here that kids learn empathy. They learn about the world, and its people. They learn vocabulary. They dream and imagine. And they bond with the person reading to them. And me, well, I feel these same things. I love the wisdom and emotional truths, as well as the humor and beauty conveyed in children’s books. I share with you here not only some of my favorites but ones that kids love to receive. The first two are treasured in our home by my 13-year-old and 7-year-old sons.

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1)
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 2) We’ve read all of the original Harry Potters, more than once. But please click through to see these new and special editions, a glimpse of these books’ glory. They’re illustrated with such giftedness. My oldest son received the first illustrated edition last year. Then with birthday money he was given this fall, he purchased the second book for himself.
  3. Here’s another book, Magyk (Septimus Heap, Book 1), that I’m currently reading to our 7-year-old son. It’s SO exciting…so the 13 and 15-year-old are often drawn in. We all end up sitting on or near our couch covered with clean laundry that needs to be folded, while the author enfolds us in her magical tale. Great for all ages, boys and girls.For younger children, here are a few favorites to be read aloud again and again:
  4. One Morning in Maine is idyllic. The illustrations are incomparable. It makes us appreciate slower ways, slow food, family and community.
  5. Miss Rumphius is about adventure, adding beauty to the world, having empathy for times of sickness, and about loving people from other lands. It celebrates art, and flowers, family and friendship. It even, amazingly, celebrates aging, and how beautiful the process can be.
  6. Amos & Boris is about friendship. It’s wonderful. I love the writing and the surprise ending.
  7. Corgiville Fair is written by the incomparable Tasha Tudor. It’s got humor, surprises, and fun galore. The illustrations are spectacular and will have you looking closely at the details even after 15 readings.
  8. Departing from the books category, let’s face it: kids love to experience adventure! My last gift suggestion is one my teens would flip for! It’s definitely on their wish list. If you have any athletic or artsy teens in your life –or both!– this is such a fun and yet affordable gift: a GoPro action camera! This action camera can be mounted on a bike; it can go underwater; it can go down the ski slope. You get the idea. A super modern, super fun, big-kid toy! Of course, with this high-resolution quality, it would make a great gift for any adventure-seeking adult too. Super fun to bring on a tropical vacation… And don’t forget the memory card too.

Everyone On Your List 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

What do you love here? What gift(s) are you excited to give this year?