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Paleo/GAPS SNACK FOODS~ Looking for Convenience Items to BUY that have Great Ingredients?

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It’s true that I’m hardcore when it comes to diet and healthful choices. But I’m not without my memory. I know that eating really well is a process. Buying no packaged foods is not a reality for most people. I’d like to provide links to a few easy-to-digest, mostly healthy treats for those of you in this boat. Regarding these …

Fermented Cheesecake

Dairy-free FERMENTED CHEESECAKE (egg-free, GAPS-friendly)

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There’s a skeptic in every group. Perhaps someone will say cheesecake isn’t cheesecake without cheese? I prefer to think of cheese as a flavor and technique of food preparation most people love and a cultured, creamy whole food that has health benefits. Under this definition Dairy-free Fermented Cheesecake has an enthusiastic place in the healthy home’s dessert arsenal! Although this …

Rose Petal-Beet Smoothie

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For those who can’t have fruit or those who want more veggies in a glass, here’s a slushy creamy smoothie that’s a health food treat. Having recently written about the dangers of most green smoothies, one additional point to make is why are greens the only vegetables that gain admittance into smoothies? You have perhaps already found my fruit-free carrot …

Sweetened with just a wink of honey this treat will suit both kids and grown-ups. It's GAPS-friendly. The spices can be modified just a bit for it to be AIP. And since everyone loves pumpkin, it's a treat most people will enjoy.

Winter Squash “Fruit” Leather

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Those of us on whole food diets always appreciate a grab-and-go snack that’s super healthy, yields energy and isn’t necessarily fruit-based.  This vegetable leather is just the snack. Winter squash fruit leathers are perfect for little ones, lunches and even for grown-ups. They’re a novelty, yet they’re familiar and delicious. Sweetened with just a wink of honey this treat is …

The goal is to reduce one's carbon footprint, not by going vegan or vegetarian, (because our bodies are obviously omnivorous by design), but by eating insects.


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Yes, cricket flour, flour made from dried crickets. It’s a good thing! My big sister Jill told me about cricket flour a year or two ago, after hearing about it on NPR, I think? I was on board immediately.  As long as it tastes good, one, and two, what are they feeding the crickets? Because what they feed the bugs …

Plantains are a healthy starch worth loving. Read more about the health benefit of plantains and resistant starches here. Cricket flour is a hot new insect-based flour worth loving if you're open minded, sustainably focused and enjoy the flavor of buckwheat. Read more about this grain-free flour substitute here. And now, without further delay, we'll jump right into this recipe that is made just for YOU, my AIP, egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free friends!! May you enjoy all that you can have!! This recipe is all about living it up within the boundaries that help you flourish and heal.

AIP Plantain Cricket Flour Pancakes- Egg-free, Nut-free, Dairy-free

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Plantains are a healthy starch worth loving. They’re gentle to digest, not for those on the GAPS diet but for those who flourish with Paleo or the AIP diets, and amazingly they are so starchy that very little flour is needed when baking with plantains. Similarly, you can make plantain recipes work without eggs. So they’re excellent for those with …

Carrot Milkshake

CARROT MILKSHAKE {With Fresh Ginger, Turmeric and Cinnamon}

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Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this post. I use cooked carrots in this recipe! (So, it is gentle for healing diets, with GAPS cultured and AIP non-dairy variations.)  Cooked carrots aren’t that weird in a milkshake or smoothie.  Think cooked pumpkin! Pumpkin shakes, pumpkin ice cream, carrot cake… and we make and serve …


RAW EGGNOG RECIPE with a dairy-free option

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TEXTURE Commercial brands of eggnog use thickeners such as carageenan and guar gum, some of which have been linked with inflammation and are undesirable for a pure, whole food diet. However, truth be told, I like a thick eggnog, one that is almost custard-like. So I have added that all-time healthy thickener, sustainably-sourced gelatin, to my recipe. The added step …

Goji Cranberry Truffles Paleo GAPS

Goji Berry-Cranberry Truffles! (GAPS & Paleo)

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  These truffles are filled with coconut “manna,” what the vegan raw community uses for a caramel-white chocolate type effect.  It’s dreamy for its mouth-feel, flavor, and even its health properties. This post contains affiliate links. I don’t have much of sweet tooth anymore, having been on a healing diet for over 4 years.  But these got me: so yummy, so …

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread Pudding~ Grain-free & Sugar-free… {dairy-free option!}

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Bread pudding makes a great dessert but it also makes a great breakfast or lunch box addition.   Here’s an autumnal recipe that is hard to resist!  You’ll love the creamy, sweet flavor and the high-protein content to boot! We make this recipe regularly at our Paleo/Traditional/GAPS cafe and every time there are leftovers my husband eats them and tells me …