Rosemary-Pine Nut Muffins {with COCOA BUTTER}

Rosemary-Pine Nut Muffins {with COCOA BUTTER}

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The flavor profile of these muffins is sooo special. There’s a lot going on; and all of the flavors go beautifully together: pine nuts, rosemary, vanilla, cocoa butter~ so yum and lovely!! This post contains affiliate links. Pine nuts! I recommend Trader Joe’s for sourcing if you have one nearby. They have the best price. Cocoa butter~ You can get …


Beautiful Rhubarb Sauce

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This new recipe has become my favorite way to enjoy rhubarb. It’s delicious by the spoonful, but it’s also so beautifying and complimentary to any treat as a condiment. Use it in parfaits, on cake or muffins, over ice cream, layered in popsicles, with chia pudding, on bread, waffles etc. It’s the loveliest shade of pink. And the texture and …

Lavender-White Chocolate Steamer (Paleo/Primal/GAPS- dairy-free & raw milk versions)

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There are days. There are those of us who never. Coffee and hot chocolate don’t/can’t always happen. Yet we want something sweet and creamy and yes, even nourishing. Lavender-White Chocolate is a steamer that satisfies- both soothing and exciting with its yum factor. Bringing to the table protein (especially if you are able to choose the raw milk version), good …

Paleo Sandwich Bread

SANDWICH BREAD- Paleo, Resistant Starch, high-in-protein, grain-free, FAST-to-make, spongy, resilient, flexible, soft, cozy

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Here’s grain-free white bread with nutrition, bread that tastes of challah when made with honey, bread that’s great for sandwiches, or alongside soup. You’ll love how this bread rises suuuper high, ballooning itself in the oven. And you’ll need to shoo away the eager line that forms, those pesky family members who keep asking for one more slice. 😉 Fast. …

Chocolate Eclair Cake~ paleo

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There is only one thing that rivals my love for chocolate ice cream. And that is vanilla custard, either poured over something cakey, or chilled… Top the custard with whipped cream and dark chocolate syrup, and you have the mouthfeel and flavor sensation to beat all others. This “cake” is my copycat of a similar one I saw made without …

Tigernut “Bran” Muffins ~nut-free, Paleo, resistant starch

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You guys all right with this? Two muffin recipes in one week? I’m on a resistant starch muffin fun run! These are awesome: VERY like real bran muffins, but, of course, grain-free and gluten-free. A Word about Resistant Starch because Tigernuts are FULL of It! As a quick reminder, or read the post here for greater detail, resistant starch is …


Butternut Squash Muffins {Paleo}

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Don’t you love big muffins: plump, tall, moist and splitting at their seams? Break off a chunk, both crusty and tender. Muffins are my favorite baked good. After almost five years on the GAPS Diet, our family is phasing off. There have been times in that five years that I didn’t expect ever to be able to say that. But …

GRASSHOPPER PIE~ Paleo & dairy-free!

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Paleo Grasshopper Pie. It’s good. Have you had the original version, made with creme de menthe? Not surprisingly, that version was likely developed in the 1950’s and contains dye from the green alcohol, not to mention many other -ahem- unnatural ingredients. This nutrient-dense version makes me smile: containing collagen, coconut butter, cocoa butter and spirulina. The crust is made with …


Paleo/GAPS Meringue- with 1/2 the sweetener!

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You know you’ve got a great topping when you want to eat it all by itself for dessert. Top a pie with this meringue. Layer it with ice cream! Or eat it all by itself! Dip cookies in. Make whoopie pies. The possibilities will start leaping through your mind once you’ve made it because you will be so delighted with …

EGG-FREE baked goods, AIP, Paleo, Gluten-free and GAPS

Egg-free Baked Goods for the Holidays! {AIP, Paleo, GAPS, & GF}

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We found out my own son needed to be egg-free about one year ago. Since that time, I’ve learned to make lots of baked goods with plantains, which have an excellent starch profile and, when paired with gelatin, work well without eggs. This post contains affiliate links. I’ve also made lots of treats that don’t require eggs, like Energy Balls, “Granola” …