Sweet Potato-Chestnut Soup with Sage and Bacon

Sweet Potato-Chestnut Soup with Sage and Bacon – (Paleo; Whole30; with Instant Pot option)

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Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this post. Are you someone that loves being satisfied by rich, healthful foods? I really am. I love complex carbohydrates at dinner. They can help improve sleep. I tend to emphasize proteins at breakfast and lunch, and carbs at dinner. This beautiful soup is for those who love …

GAPS Diet soup with a wonderful, healing, "secret", delicious ingredient!

Nourishing GAPS Diet Soup with a *Secret* Ingredient …with optional Instant Pot Directions & Bone Broth {this recipe is also Paleo/AIP-compliant}

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I’ve been making healing soups for many years, and yes, I am actually still slowly working on that soup cookbook that many of you ask me about! 🙂 But today I learned something new, a new way to make a beautiful GAPS soup, and it’s so special that I want to share it with you now. Surprisingly, this recipe post …


African Chicken Groundnut Stew {GAPS Diet/Paleo}

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For those of you who love ethnic food, curries, stews, sauces, chutneys, this will be comfort food. If you love peanut butter or nut butter and are intrigued by how beautifully creamy they can make a savory soup, I welcome you to embrace this recipe and to make it right away. It’s equally fun in all seasons. In fall and …


Italian Parmesan Sausage Soup

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With only two veggies and pre-cooked sausages, this is a realistic weeknight meal that gives you bone broth and creamy goodness. Which sausages? Look at your market for Applegate or some other large link sausage that is pre-cooked. Or find a raw, sustainably-sourced mild Italian sausage. (Simmer them whole for 12 minutes. They’re now ready for this recipe.) The season …

White Bean Chicken Chili {Crock Pot or Instant Pot}~ with traditional soaked beans for optimum digestion

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Have you ever wondered which words or phrases you use the most often when you speak or write? I’m pretty sure that comfort food is a phrase I use often. I love the classics. I love cozy stew. Here’s one such recipe, born from my heart, an old favorite– duly updated to be more digestible– as well as being delicious! …

Zucchini Chorizo Butter Stew

Zucchini Chorizo Butter Stew

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With a short 15 minute prep time, the complex flavors in this stew are deceptive.  Here’s how the components achieve their success: The butter performs magic. It makes an otherwise spicy stew into (even child-friendly) comfort food. It mellows the spices and makes the dish creamy. Zucchini, similarly, through a long, slow cook becomes soft and forms the stew-like base. …

Middle Eastern Lamb Stew

Middle Eastern Lamb Stew~ Paleo, Crock pot, GAPS, Traditional

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Engaging feasts are often marked by a table with bowls of toppings, to pass and share. A hearty bone-broth-based stew that’s rich and (optionally) spicy may ground the meal. The condiments are fermented, or zesty, or fresh and they each add conversation and harmony to the table. The food draws us together and gives us joy at the end of …

bonito bone broth

How to Make Bonito Bone Broth~ Introducing a New Pantry Staple

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We pretty much always have the crock pot going, with bone broth. So we are never without. Almost. Every once in a while, life gets too busy and the pot gets too low. Enter bonito, a pantry staple. If there was ever an easy and nutrient dense broth, bonito broth is it.  Bonito flakes are taken from a bag, thrown …

Carrot Bisque with mint & ginger

Carrot Mint Bisque with Fresh Ginger and Bone Broth

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GAPS, AIP, SCD, PALEO, DAIRY-FREE Soup makes the perfect, simple meal.  Made with bone broth it satisfies.  Made with fresh herbs it speaks with a zing.  Ginger root adds fire and health to any bowl.  And with mint it’s a winning combination: powerful, comforting and grounding. This is a crock pot soup, designed for an easy, quick preparation.  The components …

Chinese Chicken and Mushroom Stew

Chinese Chicken with Wild Mushrooms

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My favorite dinners by far are the cozy stew-like ones.  They have a rich sauce or gravy and they contain bone broth.  They’re satisfying and they digest well.  We often have a cheese plate of our favorite aged cheeses and a green salad or raw veggie plate as well, and sauerkraut or fermented dairy.  It feels like a feast.  Add …