GLUTAMINE: NOT Recommended for Leaky Gut

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Many articles recommend using glutamine (also labeled L-glutamine) as a supplement to help heal leaky gut. It provides energy to the small intestines and when converted to glutamate can accelerate healing. Tangentially, it is also recommended by some to abate sugar cravings, or among body builders and athletes for performance and recovery. Certainly many doctors prescribe glutamine for their patients …


Why Natural Gas and Propane are MAJOR HEALTH RISKS {How Best to Cook Your Food, Dry Your Clothes & Heat Your House}

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I know some people want to hide… when they hear about one more thing they can be doing better for their health. So here’s the thing: it’s better to know; and then to do something about it when you’re ready. Ignorance is never the best route. Wait; and when you can and want to, then consider making a change. The …


The SPUNKIEST, MOST AFFORDABLE Holiday Gift Buying Guide! (Not your ordinary ideas!)

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Oh friends! I had fun with this one! I’ve chosen to share with you the most thoughtful, eco-friendly and loving gifts. I hope you’ll enjoy my picks and that they’ll help you to make one or more great choices for someone you love, or perhaps someone for whom it is hard to buy. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks so …

Nature Cure for Sore Throats & Which Throat Spray to Choose?

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I got my tonsils out in my early 20’s They were nasty; so I was happy to take the medical doctor’s advice and have them removed. I hoped it would help me to have fewer incidents of sore throats. Alas, no. Sore throats are my body’s first go-to. Whenever I get run down, first symptom: sore throat. To this day, …

How I healed my interstitial cystitis


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Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this post. This is a personal post for me, not only because I had IC but because I know that this is an important article for many of you. I know that some of you have been waiting for me to write this so that you might learn …


Why is Gelatin Good for You? {And how to best optimize its nutrition}

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Gelatin’s many roles in the human body make it a supplement worth including on a daily basis. Far beyond improving skin, nail and hair health, its nourishment of the human body is profound and broad. Just as it holds ingredients together when cooking, its components help to seal the gut or rebuild tissue. Being high in animal protein, this multi-purpose …

How to Heal Yeast Infections and Kill Pathogen Overgrowth

How to Heal YEAST INFECTIONS and treat pathogen overgrowth: Part 2 {Candida and more}

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If you need to conquer internal (or external skin) pathogen overgrowth there are a few components that I have found essential for success. We need to be, firstly and most importantly, on a grain-free, refined-sugar-free diet. An herbal regimen should not only be implemented but rotated to prevent pathogens from morphing. Biofilm disruptors should be included in one’s protocol. Let’s …

BAPS and baking with DE

BAPS Recipe *and* How to Incorporate Diatomaceous Earth into BAKING! for its pathogen-killing properties

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A couple years ago I connected with a practitioner on the east coast whose specialty was wiping out pathogen overgrowth. I learned a lot from him and while I don’t have a pathogen population of zero, I have reached a tolerable level of equilibrium with my bugs. (I am aware that a healthy level of candida is considered normal or …